Our school holds the theme of national security education on the "Overall National Safety Outlook · Innovation Leading 10th Anniversary"

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal of the overall national security concept. In order toenhance the awareness of national security and the rule of law amongteachers and students, and enhance their ability to prevent and resistsecurity risks, on April 15th, on the occasion of the 9th National Security Education Day for All, the National Security Education themed event"Overall National Security Concept · Innovation Leading 10thAnniversary" was held in the library hall of our university,  hosted bythe Emergency Management Bureau of the Shen Fu Reform andInnovation Demonstration Zone, the Social Affairs Bureau, the PublicSecurity Bureau, and the National Security Sub bureau. Zhang Xintian,Deputy Director of the Demonstration Zone Management Committee and Director of the Public Security Bureau, Yu Guofu, Director of theEmergency Bureau, Jing Yuanhui, Deputy Director of the Social Affairs Bureau, Hu Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school, Li Kangju, President, and Vice Presidents Shi Wei and Zhou Yongchang attended the event. event.

The event was carried out through the form of suspension of publicity banners, distributed publicity materials, posted publicity posters, and setting up a French booth. , Anti -Spy Law and other national security laws and regulations to help teachers and students understand the security knowledge of 20 national security key areas including political security, military security, land security, and economic security, and guide teachers and students to better understand the significance of national security , Comprehensively implement the overall national security concept, maintain a sober mind, enhance the awareness of worry, strengthen the bottom line thinking, achieve security and danger, effectively enhance the awareness of security precautions, and make due contributions to maintaining national security.

During the National Security Education Day event, our school will continue to carry out a variety of and rich content in the same form of learning in the same form of national security education courses, national security education entered campus, national security education theme essays, multi -platform publicity education, and confidentiality publicity education. Activities continue to create a good atmosphere of national security education.

Over the years, our school has fully implemented the party's education policy, implemented the fundamental tasks of strengthen moral education and cultivate people, and comprehensively guided the teachers and students of the school to continue to deepen the study and implementation of the overall national security outlook, resolutely maintain national security and social stability, and unswervingly implement implementation. The national security concept has effectively transformed the theoretical advantages of the overall national security concept into a powerful force that promotes the more consolidation of national security, and provides a strong security guarantee for Chinese -style modernization.

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