Rockwell Automation College of Shenyang Institute of Technology was unveiled and established in our school

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On April 10th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Rockwell Automation, as well as the launch ceremony of the Rockwell Automation Institute of Shenyang Institute of Technology, was held. Shi An, President of Rockwell Automation China, Yang Ning, Deputy Secretary General of China Association for the Promotion of International Multinational Companies, Dai Pengfei, Director of Rockwell Automation's Full Life Cycle Business China, Li Dong, President of Rockwell Automation Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Research Institute, Wang Zhaobao, Chairman of our school, Hu Xiaomei, Party Secretary of our school, and Li Kangju, President of our school, attended the event. The event was hosted by vice president Xu Ying.

Shi An pointed out in his speech that cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Technology was not only the starting point of cooperation between the two sides, but also the opening of a new era in the cultivation of new talents, industrial application innovation, industrial big data, and artificial intelligence to promote the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing. In the process of a new round of technological revolution and global industrial chain reshaping, advanced manufacturing technology is becoming an important force driving social progress. Rockwell Automation attaches great importance to cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Technology, and will fully utilize their respective advantages to jointly cultivate more intelligent manufacturing talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, helping Shenyang Institute of Technology become a world-class applied university and contributing wisdom and strength to the development of the global manufacturing industry.

Li Kangju pointed out that the cooperation between our school and Rockwell Automation had a high starting point and great intensity. An intelligent manufacturing training center with advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology is about to be established in our school. Rockwell is an internationally renowned enterprise with advanced products and technology, mastery of technical training methods and corporate standards.How to transform advanced equipment, technology, methods, and standards of enterprises into teaching projects and content of Shenyang Institute of Technology requires close cooperation and unremitting efforts from both parties. We look forward to the early implementation of our cooperation plan and vision, and look forward to further strengthening the research and practice of industry university research cooperation projects, contributing to local economic development and accelerating the cultivation of new productive forces.

On that day, Li Kangju and Li Dong jointly signed the Rockwell Automation—Shenyang Institute of Technology Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Li Dong introduces the content of strategic cooperation. Both school and enterprise will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing innovation technology, intelligent equipment, talent cultivation, professional construction, scientific research breakthroughs, and practical training internships through the integrated cooperation model of industry, academia, and research. Both parties jointly build an intelligent manufacturing training center, establish a teaching resource library, and create a certification system, optimize talent training programs, jointly create core courses, jointly carry out teacher training, jointly carry out international exchanges and scientific research cooperation, scientific research competitions, assist students in internships and provide employment guidance, and jointly cultivate high-quality applied talents that meet industry needs.

International education experts Justin and Li Dong jointly unveiled the plaque for the Intelligent Operations Rockii Alliance—Shenyang Institute of Technology cooperative university. The Intelligent Operations Rockii Alliance is an open non-profit organization jointly initiated by Rockwell Automation, along with leading partners such as upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, after launching an intelligent operations Rockii solution that connects the supply and demand sides. The alliance is committed to widely integrating research institutions, technology service providers, and end-users, forming a cooperative platform to promote win-win development among members. By creating a new benchmark for intelligent operation and maintenance in the industry, it continues to accelerate the implementation of enterprise digital transformation and the value expansion of industrial digitization. At present, the alliance has nearly 200 partners, with less than 10 universities.

Shi An, Dai Pengfei, Li Dong, Wang Zhaobao, Hu Xiaomei, and Li Kangju jointly unveiled the plaque for Rockwell Automation College of Shenyang Institute of Technology. The college has a Digital Excellence Experience Center and 10 Experimental Training Zones. The Experience Center showcases advanced intelligent solutions under the vision of "Internet Enterprise", covering 9 scenarios from industrial manufacturing to urban governance, from motor driven to industrial data centers, from artificial intelligence algorithms to digital twin production lines, fully experiencing all aspects of manufacturing development. The 10 experimental training zones are equipped with a large controller experimental platform, a medium-sized integrated control experimental platform, a safety integrated control experimental platform, a frequency conversion control experimental platform, and a servo control experimental platform, with a total of 200 sets of equipment in five categories. Both parties will continue to improve and optimize the teaching system, programs, software and hardware facilities and equipment, talent training plans, and other cooperation content, focusing on innovative technology research and development, providing students with a practical platform closely integrated with the actual industry, and achieving precise docking between talent supply and industry demand.

Song Hongdong, vice president of Rockwell Automation China, Qiu Shukun, manager of northeast EUSI branch, Liu Wei, director of strategic development in China, Li Zheng, strategic business manager in China, Wu Bin, industry application manager for the Full Life Cycle, Gu Liang, consulting service manager for intelligent manufacturing and interconnected enterprises, Wei Zhenyu, senior customer manager, Gong Piguo, executive vice president of our school, Shao Yu, Shi Wei, Liu Aiqiu, Xu Ying, Yang Xiuying, Zhou Yongchang,who are vice presidents of our school, middle level leaders, Russian students and some teachers and students representatives attended the event.

After the signing ceremony, the high-level forum of Rockwell Automation College of Shenyang Institute of Technology was held in Room 706 of the library. Before the signing ceremony, participants visited the advanced manufacturing center of our school, the joint innovation center of Inspur Industrial Internet College and the preschool education training center.

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. holds a leading position in global industrial automation power, control and information technology solutions. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, it has branches in over 80 countries. In China, Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. has 28 sales institutions, 5 training centers, 1 research and development center, 1 software development center, and 2 OEM application development centers. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and 54 key universities in China to provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support, and technical training for the manufacturing industry.

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