Janet Morrison, President of Sheldan College in Canada, and her delegation visited our college for exchange and cooperation

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On April 9th, Janet Morrison, the President of Sheldan College in Canada, and her delegation visited our college for exchange and cooperation, jointly exploring the future development of cooperative education. Chairman Wang Zhaobao and president Li Kangju warmly welcomed Janet Morrison and her delegation, and vice presidents Shao Yu, Xu Ying, and Yang Xiuying attended the meeting.

At the exchange meeting, Wang Zhaobao warmly welcomed the arrival of Janet Morrison and his delegation, and expressed confidence and expectation in the prospects of cooperation between the two colleges.He pointed out that the school has always been committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents with an international perspective, continuously strengthening work in talent cultivation, international exchange, scientific research and innovation, etc. The school provides free English, Japanese, and Russian training for students, providing more possibilities for their future career development. He hopes that the two schools can fully leverage their respective advantages, further deepen cooperation in open vocational training, cooperative education, research and development, and promotion of scientific research projects, enhance the level of communication, and jointly promote the improvement of teaching, scientific research, and talent cultivation levels of both sides.

Li Kangju gave a detailed introduction to the development process, educational objectives, professional construction, and international cooperation of the school. He stated that the school has always been committed to improving the quality of education and teaching, with outstanding professional advantages and multiple advantageous disciplines such as machinery, vehicles, and electronic information, and a strong faculty.He pointed out that the school woould complete the "3+0" cooperation project with high standards and strict requirements. He hopes that through this exchange, both sides can jointly explore new models of international education, promote the continuous improvement of both sides' educational level and talent training quality, and jointly write a new chapter in cooperative education.

Janet Morrison expressed sincere gratitude to Wang Zhaobao for his warm reception, highly praised the achievements of the two schools in their respective fields, and emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two sides, expressing her expectations for a better future. She stated that Sherdan College and Shenyang Institute of Technology have many similarities in educational concepts, professional settings, and other aspects. The cooperation between the two sides is very important and of great significance. She hopes that both sides can work together to strengthen their educational characteristics, achieve complementary advantages, and promote international education cooperation to a new level.

During the visit, Janet Morrison and her delegation visited the Intelligent Manufacturing Experimental Teaching Center, the Laboratory of the School of Economics and Management, the Industrial Internet Laboratory, and the Training Center of the School of Preschool Education, accompanied by Yang Yue, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Zhang Lili, President of the School of International Education, Wang Yan, Vice President of Higher Vocational and Technical College, and Wu Ningning, Assistant President of the School of International Education.

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