President Li Kangju was invited to give a keynote speech at the "Silk Road Chinese" conference

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On March 27th, the 5th "Silk Road Chinese" International Chinese Teaching Professional Competency Competition and the 4th "Silk Road Chinese" World University Students' International Chinese Competition Kick-off Meeting were held in Beijing, sponsored by the Chinese Council of the "Belt and Road" National Institutes and Enterprises Exchange Association. President Li Kangju of our university was invited to participate in the meeting and delivered a keynote speech titled "Exploration and Practice of the Internationalized Applied Talent Training Model in the Field of Smart Manufacturing under the Background of the 'Belt and Road' Initiative - Taking Shenyang Institute of Technology as an Example", which was highly praised by the leaders and experts attending the meeting.

After the election at the conference, Li Kangju was elected as the executive director of the Chinese Council of the "Belt and Road" National Institutes and Enterprises Exchange Association and the deputy chairman of the 5th "Silk Road Chinese" International Chinese Teaching Professional Competency Competition. President Li pointed out that our university has long been actively serving the national social development strategy, inheriting and promoting the spirit of friendship and cooperation along the Silk Road, and has established stable cooperative relationships with many universities in countries along the "Belt and Road". With the "Belt and Road" initiative promoting enterprises to shift from "going global" to successfully "going in", new requirements have been put forward for universities in terms of international talent training. In 2023, our university actively responded to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, combined with its advantages and characteristics in running a school, and jointly established a "Belt and Road" order class with Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. The "Shenyang Institute of Technology Service 'Belt and Road' High-quality Applied Talent Training Base" was also inaugurated, and the two parties jointly cultivate internationally-oriented applied talents in the field of smart manufacturing who possess both professional and linguistic skills. In the process of cultivating internationally-oriented applied talents with both professional and linguistic skills, our university has explored and practiced in five core areas: the positioning of talent training objectives, the construction of curriculum systems, the selection of teaching content and methods, the construction of teaching staff, and the establishment of practical bases. Our university has jointly established a modern industrial college with enterprises, jointly formulated talent training objectives, constructed a cross-integrated and gradual curriculum system, vigorously strengthened professional and language skills training, continuously conducted systematic teacher training, built a high-level smart manufacturing practice base, and established a complete set of digital high-quality course resources. This ensures that students possess the ability to engage in professional techniques, daily life, communication, and work in Russian-speaking countries, achieving immediate employment, high-paying employment, and high-quality employment upon graduation. The smooth implementation of the order class can effectively respond to the urgent demand for compound talents in the field of smart manufacturing in countries along the "Belt and Road", and at the same time provide valuable experience for the international talent training of other languages, serving as a reference for other universities.

President Li Kangju expressed that the convening of this conference is a specific manifestation of deepening cooperation and exchanges in the field of education and culture, and jointly promoting the in-depth implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative in the field of education and culture. As the only international Chinese teaching professional competency competition in China, it has built a platform for the exchange of international Chinese teachers at home and abroad, playing a positive role in improving teachers' teaching abilities and enhancing the level of cooperation between schools and foreign countries. 

(Written by He Caiyi / Photographed by He Caiyi / Proofread by Li Jian / Reviewed by Liu Yang)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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