Vice President Xu Ying was elected vice President of Shenyang Western Returned Scholars Association

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On May 21st, the first member congress of Shenyang Western Returned Scholars Association (Shenyang Overseas Students Association) was held in Shenyang Innovation World. Wang Xinwei, deputy Secretary of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Shenyang Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting elected the second council of the Western Returned Scholars Association. Feng Yating, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Northeastern University, was elected as president, Xu Ying, vice president of our University and president of Western Returned Scholars Association, and other 20 leaders and experts from universities, research institutes and enterprises, were elected as vice presidents.

Xu Ying said in an interview, Shenyang institute of technology as the first in Liaoning province of private universities, in Shenyang municipal party committee united front work department and Europe and the city society strong support, guidance, always strengthen the patriotic feelings, carry forward the tradition of studying abroad, unity and condensed school returned teachers, depth into build "Belt and Road", for Liaoning to build northeast Asia open cooperation hub to make due contributions. As a doctor of Shenyang Institute of Technology, I will bear in mind the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and work with the whole city and the returnees to integrate patriotism and patriotism into the cause of building "six places" in the new era; serve the motherland and the people with patriotic enthusiasm, contribute wisdom to promoting technological innovation and cultivating new productive forces, and forge ahead in this land full of glory and dreams.

The meeting elected 145 directors of the second council of Western Returned Scholars Association. Wu Qiong, president of the School of Economics and Management of our school, and Ma Zhigang, teacher of the School of Arts and Media, were elected. Zhang Danhua, United Front Work Department of the Party Committee, Wang Lu, secretary general of Western Returned Scholars Association of the University, Zhao Tianhua, and Song Nan, representatives of School of Arts and Media, and Tian Wensheng, College of Preschool Education attended the meeting.

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