Our University participated in the launching ceremony of the 22nd Science Popularization Week in Liaoning Province and Fushun City

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ndOn May 13, the launching ceremony of the 22nd Social Science Popularization Week in Liaoning Province and Fushun City with the theme of "gathering on the modernization of Liaoning" was held in Fushun People's Square. 31 enterprises and institutions from various industries participated in the activity. As a representative of a university, our university displayed the functions and application of intelligent technology products on site after the launch ceremony.

The social science popularization week sponsored by the provincial party committee propaganda department, provincial SheKeLian, provincial, city, county and township level linkage, the combination of online and offline, further propaganda explain the latest achievements of the party's innovation theory, arou to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of the Republic of China, our province to achieve new era "six", the implementation of "eight crucial" key task and comprehensive revitalization of new breakthrough action three years achieved significant results and great changes, consolidate the mainstream of the new era of public opinion, carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, cultivate and practice the socialist core values. Various popular science activities will be held on social and livelihood issues, such as lectures, forums, exhibitions and performances, expert interviews, and knowledge contests.

After the launch ceremony show interactive link, our University demonstrated the "dog" robot, "tiger pier" pier robot, "wheelchair", "unmanned green Chinese onion tube kind of closed machine", "aging standing intelligent bed" and "bionic intelligent leap frog" intelligent technology products unique function and application scenarios, fully shows our development in the field of intelligent robot, led the audience feel intelligent technology, more in-depth understanding of the unique charm of scientific and technological innovation.

Over the years, the University actively build science and technology innovation platform, build a superior science and technology innovation environment, adhere to the stable support, encourage continuous scientific research exploration, relying on six provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, two provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching demonstration center, five field experimental teaching demonstration center, two provincial key laboratory, improve the students 'scientific literacy, cultivate the students' interest in science and technology and science and technology innovation consciousness, better play to scientific and technological innovation to support and promote the development of high quality, to realize Liaoning comprehensive revitalization of new breakthrough provide powerful intelligence and talent support.

More than 100 teachers and students from the department of Science and Technology, University of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and University of Economics and Management of our university participated in the activity.

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