A job fair features intelligent manufacturing industry was held for graduates of 2024 in SIT, Liaoning Province

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On the morning of May 23, the Liaoning 2024 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry College Graduates Campus Job Fair sponsored and hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and Shenyang Institute of Technology was held in the school gymnasium. It aims to enhance the employment of college graduates this year, and provide strong talent support and intellectual support for winning the battle of the new three-year breakthrough in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning.

The fair will attract China Coal Science and Technology Robot Technology Co., LTD., Leapmotor, Great Wall Motor, Hebei Yanshan Iron and Steel Group, Shenyang Metro Group and more than 100 enterprises from other provinces and cities, providing more than 3,000 high-quality jobs, over 1,000 students participated in and more than 200 people succeed.

The atmosphere at the meeting was warm, and the graduates were enthusiastic about finding jobs. Graduates from SIT have a solid theoretical knowledge and excellent practical ability, mostly favored by employers. They speak highly of those graduates. Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. Shenyang branch of Shenyang Huafei intelligent Technology Co., LTD., head of recruitment Li Yuanbo said that Shenyang Institute of Technology graduates are excellent with strong practical ability and high comprehensive quality. At present, there are 21 Belt and Road employment-based students working in our company, and they are developing very well. We provide students with a very competitive salary and very good promotion channels, hope to have more outstanding graduates to join our company. Cheng Rongbin, head of recruitment of Great Wall Motor Co., LTD., said that Great Wall Motor and Shenyang Institute of Technology to carry out school-enterprise cooperation for many years, many students have done a good job in the enterprise and internship. Today, some graduates have become the backbone of enterprises and stepped into leadership positions. The company attaches great importance to this recruitment activity and hopes to have more excellent graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology to work in the company.

Many graduates found desirable jobs at the job market. Yan Liang, a student majoring in mechanical design said that the fair is particularly good, there are many high-quality enterprises such as the worlds top 500 companies, and the jobs, the salary and benefit packages are particularly favorable. I’m from Liaoning, and I always hope to make contributions to the revitalization and development of Liaoning and even Northeast China. At the recruitment fair, I communicated with several high-quality enterprises particularly well, and I am full of confidence in my future work development in Liaoning.

This opportunity will provide humanized services for enterprises and students, and set up a special area for live broadcasting with vacant position, policy consultation and publicity, career guidance and entrepreneurship guidance. In the special area for live broadcasting, the meeting will be broadcast in the whole process through Tictok and Wechat, so as to meet the job-hunting needs of off-campus graduates, and invite enterprises to the live broadcast room for promotion.

The university attaches great importance to the employment of graduates and has carried out a series of effective work to promote employment. The university seized the key period of employment promotion work after the spring semester, carried out a series of activities to promote the employment of graduates, carried out more than 60 online and offline campus recruitment activities, and provided more than 12,000 jobs, and made every effort to promote the smooth employment of graduates.

(Written/Photo by Zhang Qian/Proofread by Zhang Wenkui and Tianqi Guan/Reviewed by Li Jian/Quyi)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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