24 students of our school were employed by KUKA Company

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On March 29th, 24 students from our university were successfully recruited by KUKA, a global leader in industrial robotics and intelligent manufacturing solutions. KUKA visited our campus to conduct recruitment, offering seven major job categories including electrical debugging technicians, pre-sales and post-sales technical support technicians, mechanical design technicians, simulation design technicians, on-site assembly technicians, project implementation technicians, installation and commissioning technicians, and product testers. A total of 65 students from seven majors, including robotics engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering, intelligent manufacturing, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation, participated in the recruitment process. Notably, 24 students were immediately hired and will join KUKA to engage in product design, 3D & 2D research and development, pre-sales and post-sales technical services, prototype assembly support, testing, and commissioning, securing high-quality employment opportunities.

KUKA, a multinational company founded in 1898 with its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, is a global provider of intelligent automation solutions, offering customers one-stop solutions across various industries such as automotive, electronics, metals and plastics, consumer goods, e-commerce, retail, and healthcare. The company has been committed to leading global innovation in intelligent manufacturing and has established itself as a top supplier of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing solutions worldwide.

In 2019, our university established a school-enterprise cooperation with KUKA to jointly cultivate industry-needed application-oriented talents. The outstanding performance of our students has been highly recognized by KUKA's relevant responsible person. Zhao Yujing, KUKA's HR specialist, commented that the recruitment at Shenyang Institute of Technology was very successful and the results were highly satisfactory. She praised the students jointly cultivated by the school and enterprise for their excellent overall performance, strong theoretical knowledge, and practical skills required by the industry. The joint establishment of the KUKA College by both parties has achieved remarkable results in cultivating high-end talents urgently needed by the industry. In the future, they will deepen their cooperation and jointly provide talent support for the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

Liu Peng, a robotics major student, expressed his happiness about being hired by KUKA. He thanked the university for providing an excellent platform and learning environment, enabling him to use advanced equipment for training and competitions. Through this, he not only acquired advanced technology but also developed outstanding practical abilities and mastered skills required by the industry, leading to high-quality employment. Liu Peng pledged to utilize his knowledge and skills to contribute to and excel in his role within KUKA. 

(Written by Zhang Qian, Photographed by Guan Tianqi and Ding Shengzhe, Proofread by Li Jian, Reviewed by Qu Yi)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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