Professor Bie Dunrong of Xiamen University Came to Shenyang Institute of Technology to Give a Thematic Report

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On May 19th, Professor Bie Dunrong, Dean of the Institute of Education and doctoral supervisor of Xiamen University, came to SIT to give a thematic report on Teaching Reform of High-level Applied Universities. School leaders, middle-level cadres, teaching administrators of various units and some teachers attended the report meeting, which was presided over by Executive Vice President Gong Piguo.

At the report meeting, Bie Dunrong explained in detail from two aspects: the main teaching characteristics of high-level applied universities and the teaching reform path of high-level applied universities. He first analyzed the different teaching characteristics of applied universities and other types of universities in talent training from different aspects of the entire life cycle of technology. Combined with some cases of the development history of world-famous universities, it is pointed out that applied universities are a complex group and have the important characteristics of moving up from a relatively low technical end and constantly developing, which explains that high-level applied universities are not only a development model, but also can be run at a high level in different educational positions. He emphasized that the teaching of applied universities should pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, technology and practice, and comprehensive human development.

On the issue of the direction and path of teaching reform, Bie Dunrong proposed that student-centered includes two cores, namely student development as the center and students’ independent learning as the core, and explains the embodiment of the two cores in teaching. He pointed out that it is necessary to attach importance to the teaching reform of each course and the teaching reform of every teacher, which is the most critical requirement for improving the level of running schools and building a high-level application-oriented university. It also emphasizes the DDCC methodology of curriculum teaching reform, and explains in detail how to do a good job in design, demonstration, cooperation and construction.

Before the report meeting, Bie Dunrong visited the history museum and some practical teaching places of our school, and highly praised our school’s commitment to improving the quality of education and teaching and building relatively perfect school-running conditions.

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