Midea Group Meiyun Zhishu and SIT reached a consensus on cooperation

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On May 26, Jiang Baoren, deputy general manager of the marketing center of Midea Group Meiyun Zhishu Technology Co., Ltd., Zhao Wenbin, general manager of the education department of the marketing center, Gao Jinhui, program director of the digital R&D education department, and Zhao Desheng, regional manager of the education department of the marketing center, and a total eight people came to our school to conduct exchanges and discussions on matters related to in-depth school-enterprise cooperation. Chairman Wang Zhaobao, President Li Kangju, and Vice President Yang Xiuying warmly welcomed Jiang Baoren and his group.

At the symposium, Li Kangju extended a warm welcome to Jiang Baoren and his group, and briefly introduced the school's educational philosophy, educational characteristics, education model, and explained in detail the good results achieved in the field of school-enterprise cooperation. Li Kangju said that the school has always attached great importance to school-enterprise cooperation for a long time, and vigorously promoted relevant policies. It is hoped that the two sides will cooperate closely and collaborate in personnel training, industry-education integration, etc., and work together to cultivate applicability and application-oriented talents in the new era, and provide talent support and intellectual support for local economic and social development.

Jiang Baoren spoke highly of our school’s school-running conditions, education model, and teaching practice base construction. He also introduced the development history of Midea Group and demonstrated the achievements and advantages of Meiyun Zhishu in digital transformation. It is hoped that both schools and enterprises can give full play to their respective advantages, deeply promote school-enterprise cooperation, closely deepen school-enterprise ties, create a model of school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly cultivate digital application-oriented talents that meet the needs of social development, so as to achieve win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.

Gao Jinhui gave a detailed introduction to the construction plan of Midea Group's Beacon Academy, and explained the business transformation, technological transformation, organizational transformation, and formation of a digital matrix in the digitalization process.

Afterwards, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on specific cooperation matters and initially reached a consensus on cooperation.

Before the meeting, Jiang Baoren and his group visited our school's i5 Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center, Automobile Training Center, Huazhong CNC Industry College and other laboratories and training centers.

Sui Zhichun, director of the Academic Affairs Office, Zhao Yuan, dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Liu Huixin, dean of the School of Information and Control, and Hu Chenchen, executive deputy director of the Admissions and Employment Office, attended the discussion. 

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