Our school's unveiling ceremony of China and Belarus Innovation Center for Mechanical Parts Hardening, Repair, and Protection was successfully held.

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On June 1st, the China and Belarus Mechanical Parts Hardening, Repair, and Protection Innovation Center jointly built by our school and the National Technical University of Belarus was unveiled and completed. Academician Serge Valeri Konstantinovich of Belarusian National Technical University, President Li Kangju and Vice President Xu Ying of our university attended the unveiling ceremony. The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Zhao Yuan, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation.

Academician Valeri Konstantinovich said in his speech that last year was the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belarus. The friendship between the two countries has gradually deepened over the past 30 years and has made great achievements in many aspects. Two years ago, a 2+2 joint training program was launched between the two schools. Nowadays, students who are jointly trained will study at the National Technical University of Belarus before September 1st. The construction of the center is not only of great significance to the two universities, but also to Liaoning Province and even the entire China. After the completion of the center, not only can it be dedicated to the cultivation of undergraduate students, but in the future, it can also carry out the cultivation of master's and doctoral students, enhancing the talent cultivation level and reputation of Shenyang Institute of Technology. He hopes that the center can fully play its role and provide services to more enterprises. He also hopes that through the joint efforts of both parties, the center can be built into a model of cooperation between China and Belarus.

Zhao Yuan stated in his speech that the completion of the center marks a new breakthrough, a new chapter opened, and a new journey embarked on in the center's work. This is a major event in the development process of our school, marking a new page in our school's service to national strategic needs and participation in the national innovation system. It also marks a new level in the school's scientific research, discipline, and industrialization construction. He hopes that relying on this innovation center experts from the college and the National Technical University of Belarus can extensively cooperate with domestic and foreign academic institutions, higher education institutions, research units, etc. in the fields of new materials, lasers, spraying, etc., solve critical technical problems urgently needed by enterprises, improve the overall level of the industry and inject new vitality into education, enterprises, economy, etc. of the school, college, demonstration area, and even Liaoning Province.

The center covers an area of 2024 square meters and has equipment worth more than 15 million yuan. It has set up six laboratories, including laser, spraying, material preparation, and characterization. It carried out basic research and technological innovation in terms of more than 10 key technologies such as material surface engineering and laser processing technology. It aims to meet the development needs of high-end equipment manufacturing in strategic emerging industries in Liaoning Province and solve the bottleneck problem that restricts the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. It will play an important role in the fields of aviation, aerospace, automobiles, molds, as well as in the national economy and national defense construction.

The National Technical University of Belarus was established in 1920 and is the most prestigious university in Belarus in the field of science and engineering. It has significant influence in Europe and even the world. Especially in terms of material properties and surface strengthening research, it holds an important position in the international academic community. Starting from 2021, our school has conducted in-depth cooperation with the National Technical University of Belarus. On September 18 of the same year, the joint training program for "China and Belarus Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation 2+2" began. On April 28, 2022, a video conference on cooperation between Shenyang Institute of Technology and the National Technical University of Belarus was held. Such projects as the 7th China and Belarus Youth Innovation Forum, the 2nd China and Belarus Youth Research and the Innovation Project Competition have reatly deepened the understanding and cooperation between the two schools. On October 25th, the launch ceremony of China and Belarus Innovation Center for Mechanical Parts Hardening, Repair, and Protection was grandly held at Shenyang Institute of Technology. On October 26th, the China and Belarus High end Forum on Surface Engineering and Laser Processing Technology was held at our school.

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