Yang Xiaopeng, full -time deputy secretary -general of the European and American classmates in Shenyang, Shenyang City, came to our school for investigation

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On June 7, Yang Xiaopeng, full -time deputy secretary -general of the Shenyang European and American Students Association, came to our school for investigation. Hu Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee, met with Secretary -General Yang and his party, and vice president Xu Ying accompanied the investigation.

Hu Xiaomei welcomed Yang Xiaopeng and his party. Thanks to the perspective and support of the school's development of the school's development, and introduced the school's development and construction results in recent years, the characteristics of party building work and the basic situation of united front work. She pointed out that returning to studying in the country is a valuable wealth of the school and an important force for the development of the school. In recent years, the school has conscientiously implemented the policies and policies of the party and the state on the work of overseas students, and strived to create a good environment for students to serve the country. Teachers who return home from the school to study the important letter of replying to the young scholars of the young scholars of studying abroad to study abroad in Nanjing University, and vigorously promote the glorious tradition of studying abroad to serve the country and serve the people as a conscious pursuit. Carry the "national responsibility", strive for good achievements in adhering to the people, promoting the self -reliance of technology, and self -reliance, and strive for an example in firm cultural self -confidence and telling Chinese stories. It is hoped that to establish a closer connection with the Shenyang European and American Student Association, guide the school to establish an overseas study organization, guide the majority of teachers for studying abroad to adhere to the patriotic spirit, work hard to learn, strive to innovate and create, actively promote external exchanges, and serve the high -quality development of the school and serve the comprehensive Liaoning comprehensive Liaoning comprehensive Liaoning. Revitalizing the new breakthrough three -year actions made new contributions.

Yang Xiaopeng fully affirmed the achievements of the school's development and construction, and highly evaluated the work of the school's party committee to attach importance to the work of overseas students. She pointed out that the European and American Classmates (Federation of Study Abroad) is a mass group led by the Communist Party of China and voluntarily composed of returning to studying students. Assistant to study abroad, home of overseas students. The glorious tradition of studying abroad is formed in the history of studying abroad for more than 100 years. College is a place where returnees study abroad. In the new journey, the innovation of overseas students innovation and dreams are suitable. It is hoped that the majority of teachers from Shen Gong will unify the patriotic, the ambitions of the country, and the trip to the country, find the combination of professional advantages and social development, integrate their dreams into the magnificent struggle to realize the Chinese dream, write new and magnificent The chapter leaves the footprint of unremitting struggle for the country, creates the performance worthy of the times and the people, and actively contributes wisdom and strength to the Chinese dream of comprehensively building a socialist modern country and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Accompanied by Xu Ying, Yang Xiaopeng and his party visited the Economic Management Experimental Center, the graduation design exhibition of the School of Art and Media, and the Daguan Kiln Ceramics Studio. Qu Jianing, Teachers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and other introductions on the work of professional characteristics, talent training and studying abroad teachers, and interpreted in detail the hosted by the European and American Classmates (Chinese Student Friendship Association).  The third "Double Innovation" Contest High -end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Division (Liaoning Shenyang) contest organized by the European and American Classmates Association (Chinese Student Association) hosted by the People's Government of Shenyang City. She emphasized that this competition aims to use the competition to call for talents to return to China to show their talents, help the competition to help participating projects to develop faster and better, and promote the cultivation of high end equipment manufacturing industries to promote the competition. It is hoped that teachers from returning studying abroad will actively participate in the new breakthroughs in Liaoning's comprehensive rejuvenation and rejuvenation.

Zhao Wangsu, a fourth -level investigator in the Shenyang European and American Alumni Association, and Bai Jing, member of the school's party committee and the Minister of the Organization Department, participated in the investigation.

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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