National People's Congress representative Li Shengrui comes to our school to give a report

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On May 30th, the Higher Vocational and Technical College of our university invited Li Shengrui, a representative of the National People's Congress and a senior technician and engineer from China Aviation Development Shenyang Liming Aviation Engine Co., Ltd., to give a report to the university. Hu Xiaomei, Secretary of the University Party Committee, and Shaoyu, Vice President attended the report meeting, which was presided over by Zhou Yongchang, Director of the Student Department.

Li Shengrui, the leader of the national level "Li Shengrui Skill Master Studio" of AVIC Shenyang Liming Aeroengine Co., Ltd., and the deputy of the 12th and 13th National People's Congress, has won the National May Day Labor Medal, the National Technical Expert, the Chinese Skills Award, the May Day Labor Medal of Liaoning Province, the craftsmen of Liaoning Province, the highly skilled talents with outstanding contributions in Liaoning Province, and the model worker of AVIC, Enjoy special government subsidies from the State Council.

On November 24, 2021, our higher vocational and technical college established the "Great Nation Craftsman Studio". Li Shengrui was appointed as an expert consultant and unveiled the studio. Afterwards, coming to Shen Gong to give lectures was included in the agenda of this great craftsman.

Li Shengrui introduced the development process of China's aviation engine Dawn, the emergence of typical figures, and the spirit of aviation engines contained in it. Combining his own experience, he interpreted the spirit of craftsmanship, introduced the advanced technology of domestic fighter jets and aviation engines, and pointed out the future development direction of the mechanical industry. Li Shengrui stated that each generation has its own Long March, and each generation has its own responsibility. Young students in the new era should bravely shoulder the heavy responsibilities entrusted by the times, aspire to take the path of skill development and skill service to the country, study hard, practice deeply, innovate bravely, and be the first. They should continuously improve their technical skills, and contribute wisdom and strength to promoting high-quality development, implementing the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country, and comprehensively building a socialist modernized country.

Li Shengrui's report caused strong reactions among students. The students were greatly encouraged and expressed their willingness to follow the example of Teacher Li, learn from the craftsmen of a great country, constantly strive for excellence, strive to hone professional skills, polish their strengths, cultivate professional ethics of dedication, trustworthiness, and excellence, and strive to become the inheritors and promoters of the spirit of craftsmanship.

Before the meeting, Li Shengrui brought a professional course on "CNC Processing Technology" to 22 students in the 2021 CNC Elite Class at the school's five axis CNC machining center. Explained the processing technology, production efficiency, part clamping, programming structure and skills of the entries in the "National CNC Skills Competition", patiently answered various problems encountered by students in practical processing, and provided guidance to students on the spot.

Cui Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Higher Vocational and Technical College, and Wang Yan and Cai Xuejing, Vice Dean, attended the report meeting.

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