Our school has been awarded the Best Case of United Front Work in the province for the first time

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Recently, the Office of the United Front Work Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee issued a notice on the United Front Work Cases of Universities, State owned Enterprises, and Scientific Research Institutes in the Province in 2022. The United Front Work Department of our school's Party Committee declared that "playing the role of a magic weapon, improving institutional mechanisms, and guiding united front work members to add glory and luster to the moral education and talent cultivation of private universities" as the best case. Our school is the only private university among the 9 universities that have received this honor.

The report pointed out that in 2022 the united front system of universities, state-owned enterprises, and research institutes in the province will adhere to the Xi Jinping thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide and fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We should seriously study and implement the important thoughts of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on doing a good job in the united front work of the Party in the new era, resolutely implement the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee on the united front work in the new era, adhere to strict implementation, good work, continuously improve the scientific, standardized, and institutionalized level of united front work and form a number of effective, distinctive, and replicable cases of united front work in universities, state-owned enterprises, and research institutes.

The United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee has concluded 92 project proposals in the province, and selected 15 best cases, 40 excellent cases, and 37 typical cases from them. The department hopes that the awarded units will cherish their honor, make persistent efforts, and play a demonstration role, making more beneficial explorations for promoting the united front work of universities, state-owned enterprises, and research institutes in the new era.

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