Our school hosted the "Ten Anniversary of Shenyang Institute of Technology" literary performance

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On April 20, the tenth anniversary of the "We Youth" Shenyang Institute of Technology hosted by the School of Art and Media of our school was held in the library auditorium. Chairman Wang Zhaobao, party secretary Hu Xiaomei, principal Li Kangju, vice president Li Wenguo, Shi Wei, and more than 600 teachers and students of our school appreciated this cultural and art feast.

The students carefully prepared and rehearsed repeatedly, expressed their infinite love and affection for their alma mater with the most wonderful performances, vividly interpreted the ten -year -old inspiration and wholehearted dedication, showing the spirit  of Master of Shenyang Institute of Technology, interpreting every one of each one regretless  youth.

On April 18, 2013, the Ministry of Education approved the "School of Applied Technology of Shenyang University of Science and Technology" and "School of Science and Technology of Shenyang Agricultural University" to be jointly set up as "Shenyang Institute of Technology". In the past ten years, the school has fully implemented the party's education policy, implemented the fundamental tasks of strengthening moral education and cultivate people, seized the development opportunities, and took advantage of the momentum. It has ushered in ten years of leap development.

Since the transfermation, the school's infrastructure construction has been continuously improved. A series of numbers have engraved the footprint of the next ten years. The glory of ten years of struggle has been written, and the development of the school's various undertakings has made great progress.

In the future, the school will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and comprehensively implement the development strategy of "improvement of connotation, characteristic development, open school running, and innovation breakthrough", and continue to carry forward the school motto of the "pursuit The overall requirements of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan, actively implement the "three upper" development tasks, be down -to -earth, innovate, and condense strong spiritual joint efforts to build the best applied university to work hard, strive to build another milestone in the future.

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