Our school held a symposium on the 10th anniversary of its establishment

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On April 18th, our school held a symposium in the conference room on the third floor of the Excellence Hall to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our school's successful transformation. All school leaders attended the symposium, with representatives of middle-level leaders, teachers, and graduates attending. The symposium was chaired by Li Wenguo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President.

Hu Xiaomei stated in her speech that the rapid development of Shen Gong in the past decade cannot be separated from the continuous progress of all Shen workers carrying dreams. We adhere to our original intention and mission of educating people for the Party and the country, and have trained more than 60000 socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, and labor for the country. Our work is thriving, our social reputation is gradually improving, and our distinctive educational achievements are remarkable. This year marks the beginning of the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We hope that all Shen workers can stand at a new starting point, grasp the baton, embark on a new journey, work hard, and move forward with courage, continuously opening a new chapter in the high-quality development of the school, and welcome the arrival of the next brilliant decade of Shen workers with even more outstanding achievements.

Li Kangju summarized and reviewed the development process of the school since its successful transformation for ten years, and sincerely thanked all the workers from Shen for their hard work and full dedication. He stated that the school has undergone tremendous changes and achieved remarkable results since its transformation, with qualitative improvements in terms of school scale, professional construction, faculty level, teaching quality, and facilities. This year is not only the tenth year for the successful transformation of the school, but also the year for the evaluation and re evaluation of undergraduate teaching. I hope that all Shen workers will continue to carry forward the school motto of "pursuing excellence, mutual assistance, and altruism", closely focus on the overall requirements of the school's "14th Five Year Plan", actively implement the "three up" development task, be down-to-earth, practice innovation, and gather strong spiritual forces to do a good job in undergraduate teaching evaluation and re evaluation, and strive to create another milestone after the school's transformation.

Vice President Shi Wei expressed sincere admiration for the significant achievements and significant development made by the school in terms of scale and campus construction in the past decade. She stated that for many years, the school has always adhered to the concept of "student-centered development". Under the correct leadership of the school leaders, the campus environment has been continuously optimized, logistics service capabilities have been continuously improved, and efforts have been made to meet the learning and living needs of students, laying a solid foundation for their growth and success.

Zhao Yuan, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, shared his journey of growing together with the school, focusing on both software and hardware aspects, and shared the transformation process from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation.

Teacher representative Dai Pengjun stated that the school has achieved remarkable results over the past decade, ranking among the top private schools in the country. As a teacher from Shen Gong, I am very proud and will continue to improve my knowledge and professional abilities in the future, contributing to the construction of the best applied university.

Ju Yuwei, a 2013 graduate of Shen Gong and student affairs officer, sincerely thanks the school for its meticulous training and feels proud of the rapid development and achievements of her alma mater.

Before the symposium, the attendees visited the School History Museum and revisited the glorious chapter of Shen Gong's development.

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