Hu Xiaomei and his delegation visited Shenyang Haier Refrigerator Co., LTD

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In order to continuously and deeply promote the special action of visiting enterprises and promoting employment, and to promote the high-quality employment of our graduates, on April 18, Hu Xiaomei, and Shao Yu, vice president of the university led a team to visit Shenyang Haier Refrigerator Co., Ltd., to carry out the tracking research of enterprise demand and the employment situation of graduates, and go all out to explore employment channels. LAN Jian, deputy general manager of Shenyang Haier Refrigerator Co., LTD., warmly received Hu Xiaomei and his delegation.

At the symposium, Lan Jian highly affirmed the quality of the school's talent training, and fully recognized the knowledge reserve and practical ability of students who practiced and employed in enterprises. He also introduced the development process of the company and product innovation in detail, and expounded the prospect of the company's main business and the needs of enterprise talents. He said that the two sides have a deep foundation of cooperation, and after years of close cooperation, a good situation of win-win situation has been gradually formed between the two sides and the students. He hoped that the two sides would continue to promote the in-depth cooperation in the future, give full play to their respective advantages and characteristics, and achieve high-quality development of school-enterprise cooperation.

Hu Xiaomei expressed her heartfelt thanks to the company for its strong support to the school, and introduced the school's recent educational achievements and employment work in detail. Hu Xiaomei pointed out that continuing to dig deep into job resources, do practical and detailed employment guidance services, and strive to promote high-quality full employment of graduates, is related to the vital interests of students. It is hoped that by relying on the good foundation of cooperation, focusing on education, teaching and practice, continuously deepen school-enterprise cooperation, further promote the modern apprenticeship school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, promote mutual benefit and win-win and coordinated development of both sides, and strive to write a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation.

Shao Yu encouraged the students who practice and work in enterprises to grasp and cherish the rare employment opportunities, strive to do their own work well, constantly improve their business level, lay a solid foundation for personal development, contribute to the development of the enterprise, contribute to the local economic development, and take struggle as the background to write a magnificent chapter of youth.

Before the symposium, Hu Xiaomei and his delegation visited the research office and production workshop of the enterprise to get a detailed understanding of the production situation and the working environment of employees.

Cui Yong, vice president of the Higher Vocational and Technical College, CAI Xuejing, vice president of the College, Li Fei, director of the Teaching and Research Section of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, and Zhao Zuyang, director of the recruitment office of the college accompanied the investigation.

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