The course of numerical control machine tool and programming was selected as the first-class course at the national level

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On 11 April, the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education announced the results of the accreditation of the second batch of national-level first-class undergraduate courses, which were submitted and recommended by the administrative departments of Education and universities at the provincial level, and the Ministry of Education Organized Network Reviews and conference reviews, “Numerical control machine tool and programming” course in our school has been successfully selected as a national first-class course. This is the first time that our school's curriculum has been selected into the national first-class undergraduate curriculum, achieving a historic breakthrough.

“NC machine tool and programming” is a compulsory course for the national first-class mechanical design and manufacturing and automation major of our university. The predecessor, “Numerical Control Machine Tool”, was awarded as a top-quality course in Liaoning province in 2007, the teaching material is appraised as Liaoning province high-quality teaching material, the numerical control technology team is appraised as Liaoning province teaching team title, is appraised as Liaoning province first-class undergraduate course in 2020.

In recent years, the school takes the quality improvement as the core, tightly revolves“The double ten thousand plan” the work goal and the request, advances the teaching quality promotion project solidly, unceasingly deepens the curriculum structure, the curriculum content and the teaching method reform, according to the thought of school-provincial-national curriculum construction, and according to the standard of five kinds of gold courses construction in the first-class curriculum construction, we should actively build up the mode of advanced“Gold Courses Group” and make full efforts to build“Gold courses”, the quality of teaching has improved significantly

In the future, the school will continue to focus on students' development, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of the first-class curriculum, comprehensively promote educational and teaching reform, and spare no effort to promote the high-quality development of the curriculum, enhance the content and level of professional construction, and strive to train high-quality application-oriented personnel with innovative spirit.

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