Our School Ranked Sixth on the List of National College Student Competition in “Private and Independent College”from 2018 to 2022

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On March 22nd, the Working Group on the Evaluation and Management System of University Competitions of the Chinese Association of Higher Education released the "2022 Analysis Report on National College Student Competitions". Our school ranked 289th on the 2018-2022 National Undergraduate Competition List (TOP 300), 6th on the 2018-2022 National "Private and Independent Colleges" Undergraduate Competition List (1st in Liaoning Province), and 37th on the 2018-2022 National Newly Built Undergraduate College Undergraduate Competition List (1st in Liaoning Province).

In the past 5 years, SIT has consistently ranked in the top 10 of the national college student competition rankings" in private and independent colleges" , and achieved good results in the 4th place nationwide. This year's results are still very impressive. In the national "private and independent colleges" college student competition list and the national newly established undergraduate college student competition list, SIT has been ranked first in Liaoning Province for three consecutive years. In 2022 alone, it won nearly 3000 national and provincial awards.

Such good results are attributed to the school's high emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students and continuous deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. The school has established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, offering entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship courses, establishing a library of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship mentors, and establishing a three-level technology innovation activity platform at the provincial, school, and college levels. Students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship training programs have achieved full professional coverage. The school has promoted teaching reform through an innovation and entrepreneurship education system, forming a "1344" innovation and entrepreneurship education system that integrates the entire process of talent cultivation, specialized innovation and innovation, and has the characteristics of Shenyang University of Technology. The entire process of integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education into talent cultivation has been included in the school's "14th Five Year Plan", and a good atmosphere of "promoting education through competitions, learning through competitions, and training through competitions" has been formed, achieving remarkable results.

In the future, the school will further improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education system, achieve deep integration with the entire process of talent cultivation, and be committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents with a certain pioneering spirit and innovative ability.

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