President Li Kangju Delivers the First Report to SIT’s Training Class for Cadres

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On September 13th, the launching ceremony of the series of training activities of university leadership promotion was held in the lecture hall of International Education College. President Li Kangju attended the opening ceremony and delivered the first report to the university cadres. Party Secretary Hu Xiaomei made a report under the title “Building the university into a strong front to adhere to the leadership of the Party, and welcoming the 20th National Congress with outstanding results”. University leaders, including Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wenguo, Shi Wei, Liu Aiqiu, Gong Piguo attended the activity, and the opening ceremony was presided over by Shao Yu.

President Li Kangju expounded on SIT’s development goals, university spirit, educational ideals, cultural ideals and running strategies. He analyzed the status quo and the problems of university cadres’ thoughts and work, and pointed out that a strong leadership depends on the right choice of strategic direction, as well as the strong action of the leaders. Knowledge and practice should be united; actions are of great importance; and studiousness makes progress. Leading cadres should have professional thinking, professional quality, professional methods, and a sense of urgency to strengthen learning, through unremitting learning to increase ability and enhance skills. The wave of learning should be promoted, and we should persist in learning what we do and mending what we lack. We should insist on targeted learning of the necessary knowledge to be a good leader and perform our job responsibilities, and strive to truly become an expert leader. We should stick to the principles of stressing both integrity and ability, morality first, and appointing people by merit, and strive to cultivate a team of high-quality cadres who are loyal, honest, and responsible. President Li hopes that we have firm confidence and enthusiasm, actively participate in the university’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development and construction, realize the goal of “ascending the quality level, education level, and development level” as soon as possible, and cultivate a new generation of people who can shoulder the important task of national rejuvenation.

Hu Xiaomei pointed out in the report that the leadership of the Party is not only the inherent gene and distinctive identity of Chinese universities, but also the fundamental guarantee and the biggest advantage of adhering to the socialist orientation in running universities and running socialist universities with Chinese characteristics. To succeed in higher education, we must uphold the leadership of the Party, firmly grasp the Party’s leadership over the work of universities and colleges, and make them a strong front for adhering to the Party’s leadership. The Party Committee of SIT will study and implement in-depth the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches delivered during his inspection of Liaoning Province. We will conscientiously carry out the spirit of the conference on the high-quality development of private higher education in the province, give full play to the political core role, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of ensuring the political direction, uniting teachers, students, and staff, promoting the development of the university, leading campus culture, participating in personnel management and services, and constantly strengthen self-construction. Party organizations at all levels in the university need to understand deeply the decisive significance of the “Two Establishing”, strengthen the “Four Consciousnesses”, solidify the “Four Matters of Confidence”, and achieve the “Two Upholds”, as well as implement the Party’s leadership, lead high-quality development of the university with high-quality party construction. In the new era of revitalizing Northeast China, we will show greater responsibilities and take concrete actions to welcome the 20th National Congress.

Shao Yu asked the leading cadres of the university to deeply understand and grasp the spirit of the meeting, focus on improving their leadership and quality, constantly upgrade their theoretical cultivation, continue to strengthen ideological refinement, management training, professional training, practical training. We should cast the soul of the ideal, and stimulate the force of progress.

All the leading cadres at or above the section level and the department chairs attended the training. The training lasts for one month and is carried out by means of lectures and special training, aiming at improving the strategic planning ability, scientific decision-making ability, cultural governing ability, organizational operation ability and personal quality and cultivation of the leading cadres of the whole university.


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