Our university and Shenyang Agricultural University signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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On October 6, Chairman Wang Zhaobao led a team to visit Shenyang Agricultural University to sign a strategic cooperation agreement between the two universities and congratulate Shenyang Agriculture on its upcoming 70th birthday. University leaders Hu Xiaomei, Li Kangju, Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wengguo, Shi Wei, Liu Aichu and Gong Peguo attended the event.

Liu Guanglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenyang Agricultural University, Chen Qijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, Wang Tieliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Du Jingshun, Chief Accountant and Minister of United Front Work Department, and An Junxue, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, met with Chairman Wang Zhaobao and his delegation.

Li Kangju and Chen Qijun co-signed the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between Shenyang Agricultural University and Shenyang Institute of Technology. Liu Aiqiu and Du Jingshun co-signed the Agreement on Donation of Funds from Shenyang Institute of Technology to Shenyang Agricultural University Education Foundation of Liaoning Province. The heads of relevant units of both universities attended the signing ceremony and signed nine sub-agreements on teaching, industry-university research, faculty, graduate students, students, labor unions, logistics and college cooperation.

Liu Guanglin reviewed the history of cooperation between the two schools, pointing out that SYAU and SIT have a common origin and mutual support, with close inter-school communication and frequent exchanges between teachers and students. The two schools are good friends with the same goal, good brothers in the rain and wind and good partners going forward side by side. He thanked the support and attention of SIT led by Chairman Wang Zhaobao to SYAU, and was sincerely pleased with the leapfrog development achievements of our university in recent years. We hope that the two universities will take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to conscientiously implement the important remarks on education made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important speeches and instructions given during his visits to Liaoning and Renmin University of China, focus on resource integration, complementary advantages and mutual benefits, and take deep synergy and comprehensive cooperation as the grasp to promote the deployments of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Education Department on opening doors for education and opening education.

Chen Qijun fully affirmed the level and construction achievements of our university, and hoped that the two universities would give full play to their own schooling characteristics, rely on the advantages of disciplines and specialties, cultivate talents together, share platform resources, build an innovative pattern, carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as mutual employment of teachers, mutual visits of teachers and students, interchange of management experience, mutual assistance in epidemic prevention and control, etc., so that the open effect, scale effect and joint effect would appear as soon as possible, and the goal of high-quality development of schooling would be achieved through working together. Two schools will make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization of Liaoning in the new era.

Wang Zhaobao said that Shenyang Agricultural University is the root of Shenyang Institute of Technology, and the rapid development of SIT cannot be achieved without the help of SYAU. The thick and tough history, simple and down-to-earth culture and dedication of Shenyang Agricultural University have profoundly influenced the the philosophy of SIT and the philosophy of cultivating people. "If we have the same intention, we will be able to achieve anything. Let's stick to the original intention and mission of running a good socialist university with Chinese characteristics, advance with the motherland and walk with the times, and welcome the 20th Party Congress with more excellent achievements.

Hu Xiaomei briefly introduced the basic situation of the university and its development and construction achievements in recent years, hoping that through the signing of the in-depth cooperation agreement, teachers and students of SIT will have more opportunities to enter SYAU , feel the strong academic atmosphere of the national key universities and listen to the wise teachings of the world-class outstanding scientists. She said, "I would like to lend my yellow crane wings to fly in the clouds" and believed that under the guidance of Xi Jinpings thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and with the joint efforts of both sides, the cooperation between SIT and SYAU will definitely bear more fruitful results, and wish SYAU’ s 70th anniversary celebration a complete success.

Before the meeting, Chairman Wang Zhaobao and his party visited SYAU campus accompanied by Secretary Liu Guanglin.


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