Three First Prizes! SIT Ranks Top Six in China!

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On August 23rd, the 10th National College Mechanical Innovation Competition came to an end. All three entries supervised by Zou Yong, Gao Meng, and Mu Demin from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation have won the first prize!

The number of first prizes awarded to SIT has reached a new record high, which ranks the sixth in China, even with Southwest Jiaotong University, Taiyuan University of Technology, and other universities.

The theme of the competition is “Nature and Harmony”, and the contestants should design and produce bionic machinery and ecological restoration machinery. 5,415 entries from 704 colleges and universities in 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions have been submitted. The competition includes three stages: university-level trials, provincial-level preliminaries, and the national final. 490 of the 5,415 entries nationwide have been recommended to participate in the national final. After the first-stage evaluation of the committee of the national final, 200 entries were selected for the second stage, and 12 out of the 27 entries recommended by Liaoning Province to the national final have made it to the second-stage evaluation.

The online final combines both impromptu Q&A and technical information evaluation, and the experts have strictly screened and reviewed the theme, design, production, and performance of each entry. Zhang Hongming and Zeng Jiahang, Grade 2019 students major in robot engineering, as well as Zhou Xiaolong and other Grade 2020 students major in mechanical and electronic engineering have done a great job in topic selection, design, processing, production, installation, and testing, stood out in the question-and-answer session, and finally obtained excellent results.

The National College Mechanical Innovation Competition is one of the most important extracurricular competitions for science and engineering majors held by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. The competition is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the National College Mechanical Innovation Competition and the Sub-Committee of Basic Mechanical Courses Teaching Guidance, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. It is co-organized by China Knowledge Centre for Engineering Science and Technology, National Mechanical Principles Teaching Research Association, National Mechanical Design Teaching Research Association, metal processing research associations from various provinces and cities, Beijing Zhongjiaoyi Artificial Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd., colleges, universities, and non-governmental organizations and held once every two years.

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