Inter School Cooperation between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology

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On July 25, Luo Zhilian, President of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Zhang Zhilian and Liu Jianyong, deputy director of graduate work office, came to Shenyang Institute of Technology for investigation and exchange on the inter school cooperation between the two sides. Li Kangju, President of Shenyang Institute of Technology, Li Wenguo and Gong piguo, vice presidents, and others warmly received them.

At the forum, Li Kangju gave a welcome speech and introduced the schools historical evolution, characteristics, professional construction and talent training mode. Li Kangju said that in recent years, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology has been continuously upgraded, the scale has been continuously expanded, and the school achievements have achieved new breakthroughs. The two universities have a huge space for cooperation in the training of engineering talents. Leaders from the two universities hope that they can give full play to their respective advantages, open comprehensive cooperation in talent training, scientific research and textbook preparation, and jointly cultivate more high-quality application-oriented talents.

Luo thanked the leaders of Shenyang Institute of Technology for their warm reception and introduced the history and achievements of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. He was full of confidence and expectation for the cooperation prospects of both sides. Luo said that the outstanding achievements made by Shenyang Institute of Technology in practice base construction, school enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship education are impressive. The specialty setting and talent training mode of the two universities are highly consistent. He hoped that the two sides could complement each others advantages, jointly carry out scientific research, and jointly compile teaching materials suitable for the training of applied talents. In particular, in terms of postgraduate education, we can closely connect and strengthen cooperation, so as to promote more students of Shenyang Institute of Technology to continue their studies in Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. Subsequently, the two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on specific matters of cooperation and reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation.

Before the talks, all of the participants investigated the i5 intelligent manufacturing training center, automobile training center, Huazhong numerical control college, and the laboratory of School of information and control. During the visit, the two sides jointly held a seminar on postgraduate enrollment.


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