New Breakthrough! Another National and Six Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Major Construction Points

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the notice 2021 National and Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Professional Construction List, the major Material Forming and Control Engineering of Shenyang Institute of Technology has been approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction major, and Finance, Vehicle Engineering, Software Engineering, Animal Medicine, Accounting, Visual Communication Design have been approved as provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction majors. The number of the selected professional quantity achieves a new breakthrough. Up to now, SYIT has had 3 national first-class undergraduate professional construction majors, namely, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation, Computer Science and Technology and Material Molding and Control Engineering, 14 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction majors. The total number of provincial and above first-class professional construction points ranks among the top of private universities in the province.

The "Double Ten-Thousand Plan" is the important measure of the Ministry of Education to fully implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National College Undergraduate Education Work Conference in the New Era, comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve the talent training ability of colleges and universities, and realize the connotative development of higher education. Since the Ministry of Education launched the "Double Ten-Thousand Plan", the school attaches great importance to the first-class undergraduate professional construction and declare work, with "Double Ten-Thousand Plan" as the lead, constantly temper "Gold Major", with professional connotation construction as the core, to cultivate outstanding talents as the goal, with more measures to promote the overall level of professional construction, to continuously and steadily improve the talent training quality.

The approved first-class national and provincial first-class undergraduate majors all have high-quality teaching conditions, advanced teaching equipment and high-qualified teachers. The major of Material Forming and Control Engineering in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation now has 1 provincial excellent expert, 2 provincial grade teachers, 2 provincial innovative talents and 5 provincial "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project" talents, and 85% of which are doctors from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Northeastern University. The major construction has made fruitful achievements. We have won the provincial comprehensive reform pilot major, the first batch of new engineering research projects of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of the provincial Teaching Achievements, and the provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, which actively explores a new path of cultivating application-oriented talents, and carries out the "joint training" collaborative education project with Shenyang Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The experts of the institute deeply participate in the process of talent training with major national scientific research projects. The major also makes full use of the school and Belarus national technical university to carry out in-depth cooperation opportunity, explore cooperation to build "China-Belarus Machinery Parts Surface Strengthening, Repair and Corrosion Production Innovation Center", accelerates the construction of material processing joint laboratory, deepens cooperation depth and broadens the areas of cooperation.

During the period of "Fourteenth Five", the SYIT will continue take "Double Ten-Thousand Plan" construction as an opportunity to further promote professional connotation construction and characteristic development, constantly stimulate professional vitality, give full play to the national first-class undergraduate professional leading role, vigorously implement first-class professional, first-class courses, efforts to build "Gold Major", "Gold Lesson", further promote the level of the overall promotion and improve the quality of school talent training.

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