Secretary and president of Shenyang Institute of Technology carried out special actions of visiting enterprises, expanding posts and promoting employment smoothly!

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In order to thoroughly implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of education on carrying out the national special action of College secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises, expand posts and promote employment, Shenyang Institute of Technology held a school enterprise video conference on the special action of secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises, expand posts and promote employment on April 28. President Li Kangju, Party Secretary Hu Xiaomei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president Li Wenguo had in-depth exchanges with senior executives and heads of human resources departments of many well-known enterprises such as Dalian Neusoft Education Technology Group Co., Ltd., Huawei technical services Co., Ltd. and Changshuo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

On behalf of the University, Li Kangju thanked all employers for their long-term strong support for the employment of graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology, saying that the enterprise is the most cherished partner of Shenyang Institute of Technology. The university continues to deepen the cooperation and collaborative education between schools and enterprises, implement the teaching mode of integrating theory and practice and the collaborative education mechanism , and is committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents who have innovative spirit and who are professional, skilled, cooperative and good at doing things". Graduates are widely recognized by the society. It is hoped that through this meeting, the contact with excellent enterprises will be unblocked, and the degree of fit between the professional skills learned by graduates and employers and employers' satisfaction with graduates and other feedback will be timely understood, so as to help the school continuously deepen the education and teaching reform and improve the quality of talent training.

The representatives of participating enterprises respectively introduced the enterprise situation and employment needs, and spoke highly of the graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology in their diligence,  progress, practical ability and adaptability. Many enterprises said that many graduates were trained as reserve talents soon after they joined the work, and some were promoted to middle-level managers in a short time. More graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology are welcome to work in these enterprises.

Hu Xiaomei pointed out in her concluding speech that the Party committee of the University attaches great importance to the employment of graduates, deeply implements the "number one" project of employment, gives full play to the important exemplary role of the members of the University's leading group in taking the lead in the employment of graduates, and drives the full participation of the University in the employment of graduates. It is hoped that employers will put forward more opinions and suggestions on the ideological and moral quality, professional quality and professional ability of graduates, so as to provide basis for the school to adjust disciplines and majors, formulate talent training plans, arrange enrollment plans and provide employment guidance services, and continuously enhance the pertinence and adaptability of talent training.

Liu Huixin, Dean of the School of Information and Control, and Zhang Xu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, introduced their characteristics and school enterprise cooperation at the meeting.

Since the beginning of the year, Shenyang Institute of Technology has paid close attention to the employment of 2022 graduates. The party secretary and president have personally paid attention to it and demonstrated, and other leading cadres have taken the initiative to claim and assign tasks to people. The whole school focuses on developing incremental jobs and promoting the employment of graduates, takes visiting employers as an important content of deepening the connection between supply and demand, employment and education, comprehensively deepens the cooperation between schools and enterprises, deeply carries out social demand survey, makes every effort to open up more employment and entrepreneurship jobs and opportunities, and makes every effort to promote more full and high-quality employment of graduates, achieving positive results.


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