School Leaders Visit Front-line Teaching Staff Stationed in Campus Epidemic Prevention and Control

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On April 6 and 7, President Li Kangju and Party Secretary Hu Xiaomei went to the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, the School of Information and Control, the School of Life Engineering, the Hall of Excellence and Xiyuan living area to visit and sympathize with the faculty and staff stationed in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, thank you for meeting the difficulties during the closed management of the campus, taking care of your family, making great contributions to the epidemic prevention and control on campus, and emphasize the need to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Continuously improve the level of scientific and accurate prevention and control.

School leaders pointed out that we should deeply understand the complexity, arduousness and repeatability of the current epidemic prevention and control, strictly follow the requirements of the Education Working Committee of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Department of education, insist on putting the health and safety of teachers and students first, strengthen confidence, persevere, fully implement the closed campus management, strengthen grid prevention and control, and pay close attention to all work of epidemic prevention and control in the spirit of no wait for time. We should strengthen humanistic care, pay attention to the ideological trends and psychological conditions of all teachers and students in school, do a good job in psychological counseling, actively respond to the concerns of all parties, provide meticulous and thoughtful services, create a relaxed, pleasant and soothing learning and living atmosphere, better meet the spiritual needs of teachers and students, and make the epidemic prevention and control both strong and warm.

School leaders stressed that persistence is victory. We should overcome the mentality of paralysis, war weariness, fluke and relaxation, coordinate the epidemic prevention and control, education and teaching, strive to ensure the quality of online teaching, build a strong safety barrier for epidemic prevention and control on campus, so as to reassure teachers, students and parents and the society.

In order to thank the families, relatives and friends of the resident teaching staff for their support and understanding, the school recently issued a letter “To the Families of All the Resident Teaching Staff.

Some Heads of relevant functional departments participated in the condolences.


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