President Li Kangju encouraged students to actively practice the great anti epidemic spirit

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The Party committee of the University strives to transform the ideological and political education materials emerging during the anti epidemic period into educational resources that move people's hearts, and constantly enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of Ideological and political courses. On April 13, Li Kangju, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President, taught the students the first ideological and political class in the spring semester, and conducted on-site communication with students on how to improve the teaching quality and create a relaxed, pleasant and soothing learning and living atmosphere for students.

Li Kangju, speaking on the topic of "concentric epidemic prevention and patriotic action", from the careful deployment and careful arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control work in schools, pointed out that the competition against the spread of the fast moving and more hidden occult race was facing serious challenges. The teachers and students must be simultaneous interpreting the epidemic prevention and control. Scientifically and accurately grasp the current epidemic prevention and control work, insist on asking for answers, methods and safety from science, and resolutely keep the bottom line that there will be no concentrated epidemic in schools.

After deeply explaining the profound tradition of benevolence of the Chinese people, Li Kangju made great efforts to teach the Chinese Communists' value pursuit of taking the people as the center, and affectionately described the great political courage and bold historical responsibility of the Party Central Committee to deal with extraordinary things with extraordinary actions. He stressed that the great practice of the anti epidemic struggle has once again proved that the incomparably strong leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most reliable backbone of the Chinese people when the storm strikes; The indomitable willpower of the Chinese people is the source of strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the way forward; The remarkable advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics are the fundamental guarantee for resisting risks and challenges and improving the efficiency of national governance; The solid national strength accumulated since the founding of the people's Republic of China is the deep foundation for calmly dealing with the rough waves; The strong spiritual power of socialist core values and excellent Chinese traditional culture is a powerful force to unite people's hearts and gather people's strength, and the broad appeal of building a community with a shared future for mankind. It is the right way to meet the common challenges of mankind and build a more prosperous and better world.

Jointly consolidate the hard won phased achievements in epidemic prevention and control. The whole school should further strengthen its perseverance, sharpen its courage to overcome difficulties, build a campus defense line to protect the life, health and safety of teachers and students, and hand over qualified answers in the big war examination.


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