Shenyang Institute of Technology held a meeting of middle-level cadres Announcing the decision of the Provincial Education Working Committee on Comrade Hu Xiaomei's appointment

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On April 6, the school held a meeting of all middle-level cadres by combining online and offline, announcing the decision of the Provincial Education Working Committee on Comrade Hu Xiaomei's appointment. Chairman Wang Zhaobao, President Li Kangju attended the meeting and made a speech. Other school leaders Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wenguo, Shi Wei, Liu Aiqiu and Gong Piguo attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by the Party committee member and vice president Gong Piguo.

Provincial Education Working Committee decided: Hu Xiaomei was appointed secretary of the Party Committee of Shenyang Institute of Technology and the government dispatched the supervisor of Shenyang Institute of Technology.

Li Kangju said in his speech that the selection of Comrade Hu Xiaomei to work at our school fully reflects the concern and support of the Provincial Education Working Committee and the Provincial Department of Education for the development of our school. In recent years, the school attaches great importance to the party construction and ideological and political work, the party construction into the constitution, selection with strong party branch secretary, with strong education teachers, strengthen ethics strengthen construction, party’s leading role increasingly prominent, more distinctive, more outstanding achievement, laid a solid political foundation and organizational guarantee. Party organizations at all levels and party members take the lead in the epidemic prevention and control work, and the bright red Party flag is flying high on the frontline of campus prevention and control.

Hu Xiao-mei said in a statement, fully obey, firmly uphold the provincial education committee arrangement, to further study and apply xi new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the "two maintenance" as the highest political principle and fundamental political rules, take a clear stand about politics, with "big", yong bear, as, do the practical work, pragmatic, khalid ents fundamental task, promoting party construction and school career development depth fusion, promote the new era of ideological and political work is innovation.We will resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, take ensuring the lives and health of teachers and students, campus safety and overall stability as a major political task, and firmly keep the bottom line of no campus clusters.

Wang Zhaobao, on behalf of the school board, expressed heartfelt thanks to the Provincial Education Working Committee and the Provincial Department of Education for their attention and support to the school, and sincerely welcome Hu Xiaomei as secretary of the Party Committee of the school.He said that private colleges and universities, as an important part of socialist education, also undertake the responsibility of cultivating socialist builders and successors who have developed morally, mentally, physically, aestheand professionally. Strengthening the party building in schools is of great significance for fully implementing the party's educational policy, adhering to the socialist direction of running schools and implementing the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue. The board of directors firmly supports the work of the Party Committee of the university, supports the Party Committee to continuously improve the level of standardization and standardization construction, promotes the work of the university to a new level with high-quality party building, and makes new contributions to the all-round revitalization of Liaoning.


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President Li Kangju read out the decision of the provincial Education Working Committee

Hu Xiaomei, the new party secretary, made a statement

School chairman Wang Zhaobao made a speech

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