The Epidemic Prevention and Control Supervision Team of the Provincial Department of Education Came back to Our School for Inspection and Guidance

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On March 19, Liu Tong, leader of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Supervision Team of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, and his delegation came to our school to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work on campus. President Li Kangju, vice presidents Li Wenguo and Shi Wei accompanied the inspection.

During the inspection, Liu Tong successively went to the main gate of the school, the student canteen, the school infirmary, the isolation dormitory, the Institute of international education and other important points to have a field understanding of the epidemic prevention and control in various places, and fully affirmed the school's in-depth, meticulous and solid work of campus epidemic prevention and control. Liu Tong stressed the necessity to improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control from the aspects of overall planning and coordination ability, implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, improving emergency response ability, making them work well in online learning and teaching, enhancing humanistic care and service guarantee, strengthening positive publicity and public opinion guidance, compacting the main responsibility of the school, strengthening confidence, perseverance, and doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in Colleges and universities quickly, strictly and practically.

On March 24, Liu Tong came back to our school to guide the campus epidemic prevention and controlling work, and participated in the provincial education system epidemic prevention and control video conference in our school. After the meeting, Liu Tong re-emphasized, re-supervised and redeployed the epidemic prevention and controlling work of our university according to the spirit of the meeting. Liu Tong stressed the need to implement the requirements of vice governor Wang Mingyu and director Feng Shouquan for campus epidemic prevention and control one by one, effectively strengthen the emergency response capacity, and ensure that the emergency plan can be effectively started at any time. Focus on strengthening the epidemic prevention management of key groups such as gate guards and security guards. Arrange Party members, cadres, students and workers to sink into the front line, listen to and properly solve students' demands in time. Reasonably organize and arrange online teaching, and optimize and adjust the teaching progress according to local conditions. Strengthen positive publicity and public opinion guidance, and actively publicize the advanced figures and deeds emerging in epidemic prevention and control. The steering group will carry out special supervision according to the specific implementation plan formed by the school, ensure the further implementation of various requirements, and weave a safety protection net for teachers and students.

Li Kangju, on behalf of the school, said that he would further strengthen overall planning and coordination and pay close attention to the implementation of the work in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the Education Working Committee of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Department of education. Strictly implement the closed "iron bucket" management of the campus, further improve the emergency response capacity, and revise and improve the epidemic emergency response plan. Strengthen service guarantee and properly solve the practical difficulties of teachers and students staying in school in their study, work and life. Go all out to win the battle of campus epidemic prevention and controlling.


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Liu Tong is guiding our school's epidemic prevention and controlling work

Liu Tong is listening to the report on epidemic prevention and control of our school

Video Conference Sub-venue of Epidemic Prevention and Controlling in the education system of the whole province

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