【SIT——"Epidemic" War】 Party Member Volunteers at the Front

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The ruthless epidemic cannot stop the true love in the world. In the past few days, there is such a group of busy figures on the SIT, assist the logistics support department to complete the strict killing of express packages entering the school, collect various epidemic prevention data in the school medical room, answer calls from teachers and students about epidemic prevention work, help complete the canteen staff placement management, and serve teachers and students. At the same time, volunteers also assist Nucleic acid testing work, inspect, and supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention requirements on campus...

They are the guardians, but also the soldiers! They are the SIT party member volunteers!

In accordance with the superior epidemic prevention requirements, the school has recently implemented a fully closed campus management, and all students will be taught online. Except for the management personnel, counselors, logistics and emergency support personnel who are necessary to maintain the normal operation of the teaching order, the other faculty and staff work from home. In order to do a better job of campus epidemic prevention, on March 15, the school party committee issued the "Proposal on Calling All School Teachers and Party Members and Party Activists to Actively Participate in the Front-line of Epidemic Prevention and Control". Once the initiative was issued, staff and party members and activists actively signed up, all wanting to contribute to the school's epidemic prevention work. Many a little makes a mickle; many sands will sink a ship, the gathering of forces from all sides warms the hearts of every SIT student.

The party members and teachers of the Military Physical Education Teaching and Research Section from the Basic Course Department did not hesitate at all. Everyone overcame the difficulties of taking care of the children at home. After the proposal was issued, they all signed up as soon as possible. This time, after the school party committee issued an initiative, physical education teachers who have no teaching tasks recently have actively signed up to become volunteers. Everyone wants to do their part to protect our school and our big family. In the early morning of March 16, three teachers, Li Ling, Wang Liangyu, and You Lili, from the Military Physical Education Teaching and Research Office of the Basic Course Department, came to the school hospital. After being trained by Wei Wei, the campus doctor, they immediately devoted themselves to the epidemic prevention and control work. Wang Liangyu assisted the doctors in the school hospital to maintain the order of students’ nucleic acid testing, and carefully checked the information of each student. Li Ling assisted Dr. Fan Guiqin to check the records of ventilation and sterilization in the students' dormitories, the number of quarantined students, and the signing of the letter of commitment of each unit. You Lili assisted Yin Na, the administrative secretary of the Logistics Support Department, who was seconded to the school hospital to do the big data investigation. Li Ling said that when he saw the initiative of the school party committee, he didn't think much about it, “The school is our home, and it is our duty to charge forward when the school needs us. My colleagues and I all signed up.” In the epidemic prevention and control work, all the faculty and staff of the school united as one to form a team capable of fighting tough battles. Yesterday, letters of thanks from Tianjin Baodi District were sent to our school, which made my blood boil because of our students’ active participation in epidemic prevention and control. As teachers, we should set good examples and guard the school's epidemic prevention and control safety line.

On the evening of March 17, Principal Li Kangju went to the dormitory building to visit the faculty party member volunteers. He expressed his gratitude to the volunteers for their hard work and encouraged them to face difficulties and charge ahead in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. Give full play to the role of a model and take the lead, and further condense, inspire and reflect the spirit and strength of the workers in the anti-epidemic exam.

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