Feng Shouquan, director of the Education Department of Liaoning Province, went to Shenyang Institute of Technology to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work

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On November 14, Feng Shouquan, deputy secretary of the education and Work Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and director of the Provincial Education Department, went to Shenyang Institute of Technology to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of the epidemic. During the course of the inspection, Feng Shouquan checked and listened to the report while he was in the student canteen, the school clinic, the isolation dormitory and other important spots, on-the-spot inquiry and understanding of the campus closed management, students and staff health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and vaccination, cleaning and killing work, medical treatment reception, epidemic prevention supplies reserves, prevention and control knowledge training and drills, Campus Express Logistics Epidemic Prevention, canteen and supermarket prices, teaching organization and other specific circumstances. Feng Shouquan gave full recognition to the school’s resolute implementation of the work deployment requirements of the provincial Party Committee, provincial epidemic prevention and Control Headquarters and the Ministry of Education, and the full implementation of the 20 routine epidemic prevention and control measures, he said he would continue to support the development and construction of the school.

Feng Shouquan stressed that the current epidemic situation is extremely severe and complex, to do a good job in the winter epidemic prevention and control work, strict prevention of the epidemic into the campus. First, we must do a solid job in controlling the entrance of the school, strictly examining and approving the entry of foreign personnel into the school, and strictly implementing the relevant verification measures. Second, we must pay close attention to the health conditions of the members of the teaching and administrative staff’s families living together, the third is to prevent the outbreak of epidemic in schools, strictly implement the “Four-early”requirement of “Four-early”responsibility, and take multiple measures to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention on campus Fourth, we should actively carry out psychological counseling for students and pay close attention to the psychological changes of students during the epidemic. Ideological and political cadres and counselors should go down to the front line of the dormitory to organize small-scale, diversified and individualized cultural and sports activities, we should strengthen the support of logistics, strengthen the confidence of teachers and students in fighting against epidemic diseases, and ensure that epidemic prevention is vigorous and protection is warm. Director of the Provincial Education Department Office, Kong Feng; Director of the Development Planning Department, Sun Yang; Director of the office staff, Lin Chenlin; Chairman of Shenyang Institute of Technology, Wang Zhaobao; president, Li Kangju; vice presidents, Li Wenguo and Shi Wei, accompanied the supervision and inspection.


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Director Feng Shouquan was briefed on the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in the school canteen

Director Feng Shouquan inquired about the implementation of the first consultation system and related epidemic prevention work

Director Feng Shouquan inspects the school’s epidemic prevention

Director Feng Shouquan asked students about dormitory services

Director Feng Shouquan to check the school isolation dormitory

Director Feng Shouquan detailed understanding of quarantine dormitory work

Director Feng Shouquan on-site Guidance School epidemic prevention work


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