A Video Conference held by Shenyang Institute of Technology and Harbin Cambridge College for Detailed rules for Cooperation

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On November 17, Shenyang Institute of Technology and Harbin Cambridge College held a video conference to discuss and negotiate future cooperation by Internet.  The meeting will be attended by Li Kangju,  President of Shenyang InstituteLi Wenguo and Gong Piguo, Vice President of SIT  Zhang Fuli, Harbin Cambridge University President,Wang Zhichen and Fan Qian, Vice Presidents of HCU as well as some leaders of relevant functional departments.

The conference commenced with a greeting from theLi Kangju, introducing the basic conditions of Shenyang Institute of Technology. This cooperation, said President Li, was designed to implement the new mechanism of ordinary universities for opening education in Northeast China, which would definitely promote the connotative development and the ability to cultivate talent university students of the two ones.  We hope that both sides will attach great importance to innovation of system, integration of resources, complementarity of advantages giving rise to the mutual benefit and win-win situation by promotion pragmatic cooperation. Under such circumstances, the exchange of students between two colleges would come to realization, which is the basis of collaboration in the great many fields like teaching resource construction of specialized teaching team, collaborative innovation of scientific researches and other fields.

Zhang Fuli was rather delighted to recall the past days when they shared the similar experience as a leader of a university. Meanwhile, He fully agreed with the proposal of Li and expressed his appreciation for the fruitful results achieved by SIT in recent years in such areas as rational and integrated teaching, school-enterprise cooperation, and laboratory construction. Zhang Fuli provided a specific descriptions of  Cambridge College from history, school conditions, professional construction, and faculty. He also hoped that each school could make full use of their advantages, establish a multi-angle, multi-field and all-round strategic cooperative relationship to promote high-quality development and achieve new breakthroughs.

During the meeting, relevant officials made a discussion and reached a preliminary consensus on issues from students' cross-school studies, the establishment of a joint scientific research fund, joint scholarships for innovation and entrepreneurship, joint teacher training as well as the sharing of virtual simulation training centers.


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Addressed by Principal Li KangJu

Exchange and cooperation between two colleges

Video conferencing scene

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