Liaoning Province College Students’ Mechanical Innovation Design Contest in 2021 Was Undertaken by Shenyang Institute of Technology

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On October 30, 31, Liaoning Province College Students’ Mechanical Innovation Design Contest finals in 2021 was held in our institute. The contest was organized by Liaoning Province Education Department and Finance Department, and was undertaken by our institute. The contest, with the theme of "Harmony· Nature," attracted 332 works from 30 colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. Through layers of screening, a total of 186 entries went to the final. Eventually, a total of 29 works won the first prize, 56 second prize in Physical Group. In Huiyu Group, 8 works won the first prize and 13 the second prize. the Multi-pose Bionic Spider Robot, Desert Automatic Planter, Bionic Machine- Chameleon, Bionic Mechanical Cow- Great Horned Bull, Intelligent and Efficient Water Flush Planting Machine recommended by our institute got the first prize. Intelligent Desert Planting Robot, The Grass Square Sand-Fixation Car, Bionic Mechanical Dog-Da Fu, Road Greening Tree Planting Car, The Coast Guard- Solar Water Waste Removal Device, Bionic Mechanical Tiger-Shuangshuang, Four Parallel Bionic Mechanical Dog were awarded the second prize. Our institute won the award of "Outstanding Organization Unit".

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, participating students replied online and experts reviewed intensively . At the scene of the grouping defense, each team gave online statement and physical display, and the panel reviewed. Level 4 Researcher from Industry of Higher Education of Liaoning Province Department of Education Zhang Yue, Deputy Directors of the Organizing Committee of Liaoning Province College Students’ Mechanical Innovation Design Contest-Pro. Huang Da and Pro. Sun Kun, Leader of Evaluation Expert Group  Chen Liangyu and Leaders of our institute attended the opening and closing ceremonies. The contestants and teachers of 30 colleges and universities in Liaoning Province watched the online opening and closing ceremonies through Tik Tok or Tencent Meeting.

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The Opening Ceremony

Group Photo

Scene of Review

Scene of Reply Online

The Reviewing Experts

The Closing Ceremony

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