Wang Zeshan, Winner of the State Supreme Science and Technology Award, and His Delegation Came to Shenyang Institute of Technology for a Symposium and Exchange

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On October 14, Wang Zeshan, winner of the National Supreme Science and Technology Award, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous fire dynamite scientist, professor of Nanjing University of Technology and doctoral tutor, visited Shenyang Institute of Technology and held talks and exchanges with teachers and students on the training applied talents and growth of students in the library Room 706, accompanied by some members of the Liaoning Alumni Association of Nanjing University of Technology. Shenyang Institute of Technology President Li Kangju, Vice-Chancellor Yu Yu, Li Wenguo, Gong Guo, as well as representatives of teachers and students of the weapons profession attended the symposium.

On behalf of the university, Li Kangzhang expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Wang Zeshan for his visit to Shenyang Institute of Technology to guide work and to have a cordial discussion with teachers and students, and paid high tribute to Wang Zeshan for his patriotism in carrying out the motherland, serving the people and pursuing truth and rigorous study. Li Kangzhang hoped that academician Wang would give valuable advice and suggestions for the high-quality development of the school during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and wished academician Wang to contribute new strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Academician Wang Zeshan first thanked President Li Kangzhang for his gracious invitation and gave full recognition to the excellent conditions of running the school and the fruitful talent training achievements of Shenyang Institute of Technology. Academician Wang Zeshan pointed out that the recent Central Talent Work Conference clearly put forward the requirements for universities and enterprises to train a large number of outstanding engineers and achieve deep integration of industry, education and research. Shenyang Institute of Technology has made a series of valuable experience in the application of talent training, being suitable for the national talent needs, walking in the forefront of similar institutions in the country, very worthy of recognition. It is hoped that the school will continue to explore new ways of training applied talents by relying on advanced practical teaching methods and modern teaching equipment, and cultivate more high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit for economic and social development.

In the interactive exchange, academician Wang Zeshan combined with his own scientific research experience on how young students grow into talents and shared his own experience with teachers and students on-site. Academician Wang Zeshan encouraged students to combine the trend of the times with their own characteristics, to set a clear development goal, cultivate their perseverance, have courage to explore, seek constantly, hone growth in practice, and strive to achieve their own value, not to fail the expectations of the nation and the country.

The atmosphere of the meeting was relaxed and lively, and the students and teachers at the meeting said that they had gained a lot. After the meeting, Academician Wang Zeshan took a cordial photo with the students and teachers.

During his visit, Academician Wang Zeshan made an in-depth visit to the univeisity’s Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center, the Institute of Information and Control, and the Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Museum to learn about the university and listened carefully to the report on the training of applied talents.


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The scene of symposium

Academician Wang Zeshan gave full recognition to the training of talents in the university

Principal Li Kangju paid high tribute to the patriotic spirit and realistic spirit of academician Wang

Academician Wang Zeshan inspects the university’s Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center

Academician Wang Zeshan visited the Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Museum

Academician Wang Zeshan took a photo with the students


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