Our institute holds a special report meeting on subject construction

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On October 6, we invited Professor Fu Junfan, the former dean of the School of Plant Protection of Shenyang Agricultural University, a doctoral supervisor, and the leader of the first-level doctoral program of plant protection to give a special report on the discipline construction of universities. The school leaders Li Kangju, Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wenguo, heads of teaching units, directors of teaching and research sections, and teacher representatives attended the report.

At the report meeting, Fu Junfan took the construction of a first-class discipline in Shenyang Agricultural University as an example, and systematically discussed the connotation, importance, main tasks, influencing factors, planning principles, and quality of leaders of the discipline construction, focusing on analyzing the newly added master's degree. The granting unit applied for the basic conditions, and proposed the development direction and realization path of our school's discipline construction.

Fu Junfan uses the image of "big tree cultivation" as a metaphor for discipline construction, emphasizing the importance and urgency of discipline team construction. He pointed out that the construction of subject leaders and academic teams should be placed in a prominent position, the introduction and training of subject leaders should be continuously strengthened, and support for the introduction of high-level talents should be strengthened. At the same time, we adhere to the breakthrough point of disciplines with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages, focus on solving the key issues of discipline construction and professional master's construction, deepen the reform of majors, scientific research, and teachers, promote open school running and inter-school cooperation, and realize the sharing and promotion of high-quality resources. Improve the quality of education and teaching, and strive to be approved for master's degree authorization units and their authorized points, and achieve a breakthrough in the level of running a school.


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Professor Fu Junfan gave a special report on the discipline construction of colleges and universities.

The report meeting.




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