Our school launches new employee training in 2021

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On October 15th and 20th, the 2021 new employee training jointly organized by the school's human resources department and the teaching promotion and teacher development center was held in the lecture hall of the School of Information and Contro

President Li Kangju brought new employees the "first class" after their employment. He introduced in detail the school’s development history and school-running philosophy, combined with the school’s "14th Five-Year Plan" development goals, and required new employees to stand on their posts and fully implement the party’s Education policy, firmly establish and earnestly implement the concept of school development, actively participate in school development and construction, and continuously improve the level of education and teaching. Make unremitting efforts to realize the school's "three-up" development task and build the best applied university.

Executive Vice President Yang Lin draws out the original intention and essence of education from the connotation of teacher ethics, and emphasizes the importance of teacher ethics and style with examples. He pointed out that it is necessary to stick to the central link in establishing morality, and strive to be a good teacher of the "Four Haves", a guide for the growth of a good student, and a "Mr." Educate talents and realize the ideals and goals of life in the struggle.

Professor Guan Dezhang of the School of Marxism, Chen Yong, Minister of Human Resources, Liang Shuang, Minister of Teaching Management, Zhou Yongchang, Minister of Student Affairs, and Dai Xiaodan, Director of the Hotel Management Teaching and Research Office of the School of Economics and Management Professional title evaluation, teaching management regulations, teacher behavior standards, student work system, student management regulations, teacher etiquette and other aspects of training and guidance.


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Li Kangju's speech

Yang Lin speaks

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