President Kang Ju's welcome speech to 2021 freshmen

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Dear students:

The sky is high and the clouds are light. In September, we break the wind and waves to start a new game. In this beautiful day, we welcome new students of grade 2021. On behalf of all the teachers, students and staff of Shenyang Engineering Group, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the arrival of more than 4700 freshmen! Welcome to become workers! Students, you are in your youth and full of vitality. Your arrival makes Shen Gong more energetic and shining. You are the most new and beautiful scenery in the campus!

When you first came to Shenyang, you met a clean and beautiful campus, teaching buildings in different forms, a wide range of delicious food, comfortable and clean dormitories, modern laboratories, and friendly teachers. The campus exudes warmth and beauty everywhere, and behind these purity are the characteristics of Shenyang workers handed down from generation to generation, which is an internalized "pursuit of excellence, mutual assistance and altruism" The spirit of the school motto.

Shen Gong always takes cultivating high-level applied talents as its own responsibility, adheres to the open school running idea, carries out teaching and scientific research, and becomes a model school for transformation and development in Liaoning Province; Taking building the best applied university as its development goal, the university has gathered provincial famous teachers, created national and provincial first-class majors, and achieved fruitful results in education. Over the past five years, three or four hundred students have been admitted to graduate school every year! The results of the student innovation competition are remarkable. In the evaluation results of the 2016-2020 college students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition of the Chinese society of education, our university ranks 260th in the National Undergraduate Colleges and ranks 4th in the national "private and independent colleges" College Students Competition (No. 1 in Liaoning Province)! Shen Gong represents a clear stream of private universities, constantly impacting people's cognition with educational achievements. It provides high-quality resources and successful experience for your adult talents. Many years later, you will feel that choosing Shen Gong is one of the wisest decisions in your life.

Students, this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. You are born at the right time and have a mission on your shoulders! I sincerely hope that you can inherit the fine tradition of workers in Shenyang, practice the Shen Gong spirit of "pursuing excellence, mutual assistance and altruism", and expect every student to live up to his youth, move forward bravely and strive to become a pillar of the country and the nation!

Goals determine the direction. Life without planning is like a ship without direction in the ocean. Even if the performance of the ship is good, it is difficult to reach the other shore of success. Today's assignment is to make your plan for the next few years.

Your elder martial brothers and sisters have achieved very excellent results under conditions far inferior to yours. The postgraduate entrance examination list and honor list of the school are right beside you. It has been established there for many years, and new people come to refresh the record every year; Our students competed for gold and silver in the national and Liaoning innovation competition, which was called the magical "Shen Gong phenomenon" by experts and peers; Every year, hundreds of students in the school join the party, and many are admitted to civil servants, career editors, top 500 enterprises and so on. Students, what kind of answers will you hand over when you graduate? Do numbers matter? Important! But not the most important. You who have experienced the college entrance examination must know that the most important thing is whether you are included in these long lists?!

In Shengong, you will have the opportunity to listen to the teachings of experts, and a team of high-quality teachers will help you explore and move forward; You will have the opportunity to exchange and study in the enterprise society and all over the world; In Shenyang, you can choose your favorite major; Looking for like-minded partners in many scientific, cultural and sports associations; You can also achieve unrestrained creativity in college students' innovation and entrepreneurship team and the second classroom, and show yourself in national and provincial competitions. This may be part of your life plan. Of course, dozens of people drop out here every year, and hundreds of people can't graduate on schedule. Your college life is up to you, and your goals are set by yourself. There is a way, seek it and get it; Seek one and get the next; Seek the bottom and get nothing. Students, we must set up lofty ideals and strive to achieve our best! My teaching, management and service team and I will strive to escort everyone's success!

"Whose life is not struggling? Whose youth is not busy?" in this hot new era, everyone is a "striver"! I hope the students will adhere to their ideals, be down-to-earth, be diligent in learning, have the courage to explore and break through; At the same time, we should enhance the altruistic spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress, start from our own behavior, strive to be a high-quality college student, and use our words and deeds to influence the people around us. When you, I and he are all well, the country will progress and the society will be harmonious.

Students, the new journey has set sail. I hope you can always take the school motto spirit of "pursuing excellence, mutual assistance and altruism" as the guide, cherish your youth, work hard and write a beautiful youth worthy of the country, yourself and the future in the home of Shenyang Engineering Group!


              Translated by Basic Course Department



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