Ten Thousand Crags and Torrents,meeting in SIT-Our School Welcomes the Provincial 2021 Grade Freshmen

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In autumn, it is sunny, warm, gentle wind with vanilla dense. A better future has been slowly launched, freshmen of SIT set sail together today. On September 12th, more than 2,700 freshmen from Grade 2021 in our school reported to the school.Full of the joy of enrollment and the vision for a better future, the freshmen have stepped into the campus with a beautiful environment and opened a new journey of life.

On the day of welcoming freshmen, the campus was full of joy. This is the first gathering of all the 2021 freshmen of the Shenyang Institute of Technology. The voice of speech and laughter are heard everywhere, and excitement and expectation are filled on everyone's face. Volunteers composed of teachers and senior students came to the school gate early to meet the freshmen. The volunteers held up the guiding signs of each college to guide the freshmen to line up orderly. Freshmen enter the campus after relevant verification according to epidemic prevention requirements. At the same time, each secondary college carried out characteristic services in combination with its own characteristics to show the freshmen the school running achievements in professional characteristics, school enterprise cooperation, promoting learning through competition and professional associations, so that the freshmen felt a strong campus characteristic culture. The University also provides one-stop consulting services for freshmen in terms of financial assistance, international cooperative school running projects, college students' enlistment and so on.

The school of information and control has prepared a warm-hearted gift bag for each freshman, including a SIT custom signature pen, a custom document bag and a letter to freshmen. The College of life engineering has set up the honor list of postgraduate entrance examination in the orientation site, which fully shows the excellent style of study of the college. The college Maillard baking association has prepared a variety of snacks such as homemade biscuits for freshmen. Under the guidance of reserve soldiers, vanguard members of Party members and student volunteers, the freshmen of the College of energy and water conservancy went through the admission procedures in an orderly manner. The school of economics and management laid a red carpet at the orientation site, allowing freshmen to walk through the red carpet and enjoy their highlights. Haolilai, a school enterprise cooperation unit, also prepared delicious cakes for the freshmen. The College of mechanical engineering and automation and the College of preschool education called on teachers to drive to help freshmen transfer their luggage and provide convenience for freshmen. The College of Arts and media arranged a student band performance at the check-in site, and the higher vocational and technical college welcomed new students to join by playing dynamic music.

The humanized service and considerate care of the school make 2021 freshmen feel warm and filled with emotion. Hu Ruikai of grade 2021 is a freshman majoring in Water Conservancy and Hydropower from Liaoyang City. When the volunteer took his luggage from him and led him through the check-in formalities, he said excitedly, "the school is really a big family with love and warmth, and I also want to serve the students." Hu Ruikai immediately joined the volunteer service team without worrying about packing his luggage. Li Jiaru, a freshman in class 1 of animal medicine major of grade 2021, is from Huludao City. On that day, accompanied by his parents, he reported to the school. As soon as she entered the campus, she felt the vitality and meticulous care of the school. "The school is very considerate of our students. As soon as I entered the school, it relieved my tension and strangeness. Enthusiastic seniors and sisters helped me carry my luggage and guided me to successfully complete all the check-in procedures. After arriving at the dormitory, the amiable aunt of the dormitory greeted me warmly. The clean and tidy dormitory made me feel very comfortable. I am determined to study hard and enrich myself here I will live up to the expectations of my parents and teachers! "

The school has set up welcome reception stations in Shenyang station, Shenyang north station and other places, and sent buses to pick up freshmen to the school. There are eye-catching signs of check-in process and warm prompt slogans at the orientation points on the campus to facilitate freshmen to understand the check-in process in time. In order to ensure the smooth check-in of freshmen, the school provides one-to-one services for freshmen. Volunteers accompany freshmen to complete all aspects of check-in until their luggage is sent to the bedroom.

From the moment they stepped into the school, the sprouting newcomers of Shenyang Institute of technology also had a new identity - "worker Shen", and have been connected with this school full of love and vitality since then. "Shenyang Institute of technology" will be the proud mark of their life. With a new journey, constant responsibility, vision and hope, the freshmen of SIT will start here together, pursue excellence, help each other and be altruistic to achieve better themselves.


Translated by Basic Courses Department

Freshmen step into the campus with longing.

Parents say goodbye to their children.

Teachers help the freshmen deliver their luggage.

The freshmen took a photo with the volunteers.

Volunteers help the freshmen go through the admission procedures.

The freshmen took photos in front of the signature wall.



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