Our University Held a Teachers’ Symposium for Doctors and Studied Doctor

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On September 9, our university held a symposium for Doctoral and Doctoral teachers with the theme of “leading scientific and educational innovation and talking about the development of Shenyang Engineering” in the 204 lecture hall of the library. President Li Kangju, director of the center for teaching promotion and teacher development Li Hua, and representatives of school Doctoral stuff attend the symposium, which was chaired by vice president Shao Yu.

Shao Yu first extended holiday greetings to the teacher representatives attending the meeting, and hoped that everyone could speak freely, so that the school could timely understand everyone's opinions and suggestions on scientific research and the development of the school during the 14th Five Year Plan period through the symposium. At the same time, we will further enhance exchanges and cooperation, form complementary scientific research advantages, and promote the talent training level of the university to a new level.

The representatives of participating Doctors expressed their views, fully recognized the development situation and talent policy of the school, and expressed sincere thanks for the care, support and encouragement of the school. They exchanged speeches around their own scientific research work experience and experience, individual or team research direction and achievements, future research plans and vision, confusion in their own academic development, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on school career development, scientific research team construction, professional title promotion, work volume assessment, etc.

Professor Li Hua said that the convening of this symposium fully reflects the high attention paid by the university to Doctoral stuff. I hope you can give full play to your own advantages, enhance your sense of self-improvement and team spirit, strengthen academic contacts with the outside world, and constantly make new achievements, so as to provide a solid talent guarantee for the high-quality development of the University.

In his concluding speech, Li Kangju pointed out that talent work is the top priority of all the work of the University. The university has always attached great importance to teacher development and teacher team construction. In the key period of connotative development of the University, Doctoral stuffs stuff are the main force for the university to optimize the teacher structure and strengthen scientific research work, as well as the new force for the high-quality development of the University. Li Kangju stressed that the University attaches great importance to and cares about the work and growth of them. The personnel, scientific research, finance, educational administration and other departments should further strengthen their service awareness, give full play to the advantages of the system and mechanism of private universities, and continue to strengthen efforts to support the development of Doctoral stuff in terms of scientific research platform construction, salary and administrative supporting services, Study and solve the problems they encounter in teaching and scientific research, and do a good job in service and guarantee. Li Kangju encouraged Doctor teachers to strengthen their confidence, work hard, strengthen the construction of scientific research team, fully explore and introduce nearby scientific research resources, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs and new development in teaching and scientific research. At the same time, I hope you will have the courage to take responsibility, actively participate in the school management, and contribute to the high-quality development of the school during the 14th Five Year Plan period.


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The conference.

Speech from Doctors and studied Doctor representatives.

President Li encouraged everyone to achieve new breakthroughs and development in teaching and scientific research.

Professor Li Hua elaborated on the talent work of the school.


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