Shenyang Institute of Technology and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) held a school-enterprise cooperation meeting

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On September 9, the school-enterprise cooperation meeting between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) was held in the library 706 meeting room. Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Deputy General Manager Xu Yongming, Director of Marketing Department Ma Yong, General Manager of Automation Division Yang Haibo, Marketing Manager Wang Tianyang, Education Industry Specialist Wang Jiandong, President of Shenyang Institute of Technology Li Kangju, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Zhao Yuan, Deputy Dean Liu Yefeng, and Deputy Minister of Teaching Management Geng Xin attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Gong Piguo.

Li Kangju gave a welcome speech, and happily reviewed the years of cooperation process and deep cooperation basis between SIT and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) from CA6140 lathes, CNC machine tools to intelligent manufacturing production lines. From the initial student internship and employment cooperation, both sides have developed to jointly build the i5 Intelligent Manufacturing Institute and a multi-level, multi-element, multi-disciplinary intelligent manufacturing production line. School-enterprise cooperation has always followed the education model of " Cultivating students by joint resources, Coordinating both study and practice ", and gradually moved to a higher level. Li Kangju hopes that the two parties will further strengthen personnel exchanges, fully complement each other's advantages, continue to cooperate to open up new space for development, jointly form scientific research teams, carry out project research, explore the reform of talent training mode, and cultivate more innovative consciousness and high-quality applied talents with practical ability in manufacturing engineering for the society under the background of intelligent manufacturing.

Xu Yongming introduced the development and changes of Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) in recent years and said that the cooperation between Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) and Shenyang Institute of Technology has a solid foundation and vigorous vitality. Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) attaches great importance to the education and will fully coordinate various resources to support the cooperation between schools and enterprises to advance in depth, jointly promote the deep integration of the talent chain, innovation chain and industrial chain of key technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Xu Yongming sincerely invited President Li Kangju to visit Shenyang Machine Tool (Group).

SIT and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) had an in-depth exchange of opinions on student production internships and graduation internships, high-level apprenticeship talents and intelligent high-speed five-axis processing talent training, school-enterprise joint construction of scientific research teams, joint research on scientific research topics. The initial consensus on cooperation has been reached, which has further promoted the cooperation between the two parties to be solid, deeper, more detailed and stronger.

After the meeting, Xu Yongming and his entourage went to the intelligent manufacturing production line jointly built by SIT and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) to learn more about the operation and use of the production line and agreed on the specific content of the next cooperation between both sides.


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The scene of the fair.

Principal Li Kangju reviewed the cooperation process between the SIT and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) and looked forward to future cooperation.

Xu Yongming, deputy general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool (Group), expressed that he would support school-enterprise cooperation to advance in depth.

Xu Yongming and his group visited the intelligent manufacturing training center for investigation.

Group photo.

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