“The Power of Faith”, a Tribute to the Party's Centenary Large-scale Red Sitcom, was Officially Performed

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On June 21, a large-scale red sitcom "the Power of Faith", sponsored by the Committee of Shenyang Institute of Technology of the Communist Party of China and created and performed by teachers and students of the College of Arts and Media, was staged in the school auditorium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. More than 500 teachers and students from the school of mechanical engineering and automation attended the performance as the first audience, and the whole school will watch the performance one after another. The play will also go out of the school gate and tour the primary and secondary schools in Liaoning province.

The drama is mainly composed of documentary and modern people's narration. It tells the revolutionary stories of Zhou Wenyong, Chen Tiejun, Yun Daiying, Fang Zhimin, Zhao Yiman, Zhao Yunxiao, Chen Ran and many other Communist Party members. It vividly represents the great struggle, construction of great projects, promotion of great cause, and so on. The course of striving to realize the great dream vividly depicts the valuable spirit of "Faith, Loyalty and Responsibility" of the Communist Party members. The play follows the creative principle of "great events are not empty" and keeps the respect and awe of the uniqueness of the theme when showing the great revolutionary history. At the same time, there is a perfect integration between history and drama, between historical facts and fiction, and between documentary and freehand brushwork. The drama adds dance and other new elements to the traditional drama, making the whole work more novel. It is like a historical drama with background, prologue and climax. It still has the freedom of artistic imagination of the creator and the field of artistic expansion, which makes the audience feel fresh and excited. After watching the play, teachers and students were deeply encouraged by the education. Guo Shuai, a student of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, said“watching this sitcom made me feel deeply and have a deeper understanding of the deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. When their battle field was put in front of me, it brought us not only visual shock, but also spiritual impact. The sacrifice of the revolutionary martyrs brought us  happy life today. We must inherit and carry forward their spirit, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and contribute our youth to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Zhao Yuanyuan, a student of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, said that every scene in the play was very shocking. The wonderful performance of teachers and students of the College of Arts and Media vividly reproduced the singing and weeping stories of many Communist Party members, and also inspired her to love the party and love her country more, strive to be a better herself  and contribute to her motherland.

The play has been carefully prepared for half a year. Mr. Zhang Shengqing, the director and screenwriter of the first performance studio of the school of Arts and Media, has performed for students of all grades. In order to more truly restore the historical scene and vividly reproduce the plot, the teachers and students of the College of Arts and Media carefully polished the script, and have been seriously preparing and rehearsing, striving to present the concept and effect of this sitcom to every audience perfectly. Liang Yuqing, a grade 2018 performance major who participated in the performance, said, “ I gained a lot from playing Huang Jiguang's mother in the play. When I saw Mother Huang's letter, I felt deeply. Although Huang Jiguang can never come back, his spirit will be passed on from generation to generation. There are many feelings in Huang's mother's heart. Thank the motherland, thank the party, let him have thousands of children. I think that's because thousands of young people are willing to inherit and carry forward Huang Jiguang's spirit. In order to protect and build our motherland, this is also Huang's greatest comfort.”

As a provincial patriotic education demonstration base, Shenyang Institute of Technology actively carries out various forms of patriotic education. Over the years, the College of Arts and Media has made full use of its professional advantages to create a number of red sitcoms such as "the Motherland will never Forget" and "Blood Stained Style", which have toured many cities in Liaoning province.


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