Award Ceremony Took Place at SIT

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On June 17, Shenyang Institute of Technology held an award ceremony at the lecture hall in room 205, Library.  Professor Wang Lina, won awards for teaching contest in Liaoning Province's first ordinary higher school. Besides, other students and teachers are also horned for the 9th National CNC Skills Competition. Therefore, in order to encourage these activities, Wang Zhaobao, the board chairman, presented the awards for teachers and students who won the awards, gave a reward to Professor Wang, tutorial guidance team, and students 10,000 yuan , 10,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan respectively. Honestly, Professor Wang was appointed as a four-level professor under her better performance.  The conventioneers are involved with President Li Kangju, Vice President Gong Piguo and representatives of teachers and students.  The meeting was held by Vice President Shao Yu.

Wang Lina, director of marketing department of the College of Economics and Management, won the first prize in the final competition, becoming the top 50 of the Science and Sciences Division at the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, hosted by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province. This great performance gave attributes to the solid teaching skills, innovative teaching design, forward-looking content, modern teaching devices and excellent classroom interaction.  Besides, Gao Yushan and Zhan Kunliang, students of elite Numerical Control class from Vocational and Technical college, were awarded the second prize in the Digital Design and Manufacturing Competition, which was the first time that the College took part in the event. Meanwhile, the Ninth National CNC Skills Competition was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Federation of Trade Unions and China Machinery Industry Confederation. This unpredictable honor was under the guidance of Chen Baoxin, Xu Bin, faculty of College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, and Wang Yan, Line Quanping, and Zhang Fuyan from Vocational and technical college.

In his speech, the hardwork and achievements has achieved high recommendations and acknowledgments from Wang Zhaobao He said that the culture concept of SIT is “contributor and donator as the key line to ensure all-round development”, which is strongly advocated. And the construction of teacher resources and qualification is a key project in school development. highlighting the dedication spirit, implement the strategy of strong talent. In the future, the institute will spare no effort to create an excellent working environment for teachers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the majority of teachers should bear their responsibility to take the burden and challenges, and improve the quality of education and teaching. The school also adheres to the “student-oriented” educational ideas and cultivate students' innovative ability. We hope that the students make full use of the high quality  facilities, and take the example of the award-winning students, continuing to progress, hitting the summit , and eventually get better results.

The awarded teachers and students said that they feel warm and encouraged, and will make further efforts to achieve better performance in work and study.

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Full recognition and high appraisal to the awarded teachers and students by Wang Zhaobao, chairman of the board.

Vice President Shao Yu presided over the award ceremony.

Wang Zhaobao presented the award to the award-winning teacher.

Wang Zhaobao presented awards for advisors.

Wang Zhaobao presented the award to the honored students.

Award conference scene.


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