Higher vocational and Technical College held the inaugural meeting of off campus teaching steering committee,and the first working conference

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On June 21, the higher vocational and Technical College held the inaugural meeting and the first working meeting of the off campus teaching steering committee in the 604 conference room of the library. Representatives of 17 enterprises, including BMW Brilliance, Guangfa bank and Hangzhou Hikvision Electronics Co., Ltd., Liang Shuang, director of teaching management department of the University, leaders of Higher Vocational Colleges and some professional leaders attended the meeting, which was presided over by vice president Shao Yu.

In her speech, Shao Yu introduced to the members the professional construction, curriculum construction and practice base construction of Higher Vocational College, and introduced the "five in one" cooperation mode and "six in one" cooperation mechanism in the process of off campus teaching base construction. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Teaching Steering Committee for its strong support in the talent training of Higher Vocational and technical colleges, and fully affirmed the significance of the Teaching Steering Committee in the talent training process. Shao Yu hopes that the teaching steering committee can play a positive role in exploring practical teaching and realizing in-depth cooperation, and jointly contribute to the improvement of the quality of talent cultivation in the college. In their speeches, members of the steering committee expressed their full confidence in the future in-depth cooperation and determined to spare no effort to support the college in future cooperation. Subsequently, the Teaching Steering Committee conducted in-depth discussions on the issues of "revision principles of 2021 talent training program" and "exploration of modern apprenticeship training mode" after the release of "vocational education specialty catalog (2021)".

At the meeting, higher vocational and technical college and Hangzhou Hikvision Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a talent training cooperation agreement.

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At the meeting.

The representatives of enterprises present at the meeting made suggestions and suggestions.

The two sides signed a cooperation agreement on personnel training.

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