Our school solemnly held the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of 2021 graduates

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Youth is evergreen, and it is time to set sail. On the morning of June 18th, the 2021 graduates ushered in the last lesson of their college years-the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony and degree-awarding ceremony of 2021 graduates was grandly held in the gymnasium. Cheers, tears, singing, and applause merged at this most exciting moment. The gymnasium is like a sea full of bachelor's uniforms, slogans, and flags. Chairman Wang Zhaobao, special guest Xu Rong, school leaders Li Kangju, Chen Gang, Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wenguo, Shi Wei, Liu Aiqiu, Gong Piguo, leaders of various colleges, leaders of various functional departments, teacher representatives, and all counselors attended this ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Yongchang, Minister of Student Affairs.

The ceremony kicked off with the majestic national anthem. The vice president Gong Piguo announced the awarding decision, the principal Li Kangju gave the certificate electronically, and all school leaders turn the tassel for the graduate representatives, and issued the graduation certificate and degree certificate. Last year, due to the impact of epidemic of covid-19, the 2020 graduates could not attend the graduation ceremony and could not return to their alma mater to say goodbye. At this graduation ceremony, they sent blessings from all over the motherland through video. President Li Kangju turned the tassel for the representative of the 2020 graduates and awarded the degree. Chen Gang, secretary of the school party committee, announced the Decision on Recognizing Outstanding Graduates of Liaoning Province in 2021, Outstanding Graduates of the College, and Ship Nail Scholarship Awarded Students. A total of 331 students were awarded the “Shipnail Scholarship”, 124 students were awarded the “Outstanding Graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology”, and 129 students were awarded the “Outstanding Graduates of Liaoning Province”. Chairman Wang Zhaobao awarded certificates of honor to outstanding graduates of Liaoning Province, President Li Kangju and Secretary of the School Party Committee Chen Gang awarded certificates of honor to outstanding graduates of the school, and Deans of the second-tier colleges awarded Shipnail Scholarships. At the ceremony, the student representatives presented flowers to Chairman Wang Zhaobao, representing the graduates who expressed their deep gratitude to the Chairman for his concern and love to the students.

Outstanding graduate representative Hou Xiangning shared her unforgettable time in the school for 4 years. On behalf of the graduates, she is grateful to her alma mater for nurturing everyone from ignorant teenagers to wise and decisive youths, giving the students a stage to show themselves. At the same time, she also expressed her deep love and attachment to her alma mater, and expressed gratitude to all teachers with representatives of other graduates.

SIT was once the palace of dreams, and now is a new starting point for life. Years of youthful sweat in exchange for harvest and growth. On departure, President Li Kangju used affectionate language to lead the students to recall the four years of colorful life in the university, and expressed his warm congratulations and heartfelt wishes to the graduates. He made an ardent exhortation to the graduates to be a lifelong learning person, and hope that you will continue to improve your learning ability in your future careers, apply what you have learned to solve practical problems, gain knowledge and nutrition from practice, continue to pursue excellence, and continually surpass yourself. To be a hardworking person, I hope you young people will bravely shoulder the mission, forge ahead, and achieve a wonderful life on the broad stage of the new era. To be a strong person, I hope you will remain firm will, and in face of difficulties, temptations, and challenges, you can use a calm and objective vision to judge and observe, always maintain a positive attitude, gain a stronger self, and conquer the stars and seas of your life’ s voyage.

Finally, the graduate representatives sang the song “Chasing Dreams and Hearts”, and all the graduates who attended the meeting sang together affectionately, which reflected students’ hardworking and enterprising spirit of SIT. All graduates bid farewell to SIT with a high-spirited attitude, and walked to the place where the motherland needed. The graduation ceremony came to an end in a warm and moving atmosphere. The chairman, school leaders and representatives of the 2021 graduates took a group photo. The graduation ceremony was broadcast live by the university’s official Douyin account and many SIT’ students, relatives and friends watched the live broadcast. After the graduation ceremony, various colleges organized a variety of graduate activities, and the graduates took a group photo on campus.


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President Li Kangju delivered the graduation wishes

Chen Gang, secretary of the school party committee, announced the commendation decision.

Vice President Gong Piguo announced the decision to confer the position.

Hou Xiangning, a graduate representative, delivered a graduation speech

School leaders award degrees to graduate representatives

Representatives of graduates presented flowers to the chairman and school leaders

The chairman, school leaders and representatives of the 2021 graduates took a group photo

The graduation ceremony scene

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