Our School Holds a Backbone Personnel Training Meeting

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On June 16th, our school held a backbone training meeting in the auditorium of the library, presided over by the vice principal Gong Piguo the meeting.Participants in the meeting were: leading cadres at section level or above, teachers with senior title, director of the teaching and research office, doctors and teachers of doctoral study.

At the meeting, the principal Li Kangju, with the title of "More brilliant in the 14th Five-Year Plan of Shenyang", systematically summarized the qualified evaluation work of undergraduate teaching in our school, and put forward the overall requirements and key tasks of the development of the school during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Li Kangju detailed interpretation of the evaluation expert group of the feedback of our undergraduate teaching work, around the "four promotion, three basic, two outstanding, a guide" qualified evaluation core connotation, in contrast the depth analysis of the school in seven aspects and six aspects, and the significance of the evaluation of a comprehensive combing, put forward the clear requirements.

Li Kangju pointed out that the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period is an important five years to realize the development goal of "building the university into the best of its kind in the province and the first-class Applied Technology University in China". The university should take the opportunity of this evaluation, summary and rectification to comprehensively implement the development strategy of "connotation promotion, characteristic development, open school running, innovation and breakthrough", Efforts will be made to build the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period into a golden period of great leap forward development of schools. Li Kangju further defined the development tasks of "Three Up" in the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period: first, the quality level. The main tasks are as follows: the school should further strengthen the construction of application-oriented school running system, actively promote the construction of new engineering, new agriculture and new arts, and promote the cross integration of specialties in combination with the feedback of qualified evaluation experts; We should constantly improve the ability to guarantee the quality of education and teaching, and timely start the preparation work of undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation; Organize some key majors to carry out engineering education professional certification, and promote the standardization of personnel training; We will carry out in-depth education and teaching reform and strive to win the national teaching achievement award. The second is the level of running a school. The university will focus on the construction of teaching staff, spare no effort to create conditions, and strive to apply to become a master's degree awarding unit and its authorized point. Third, we need to step up our development. The main tasks are as follows: the school should appropriately increase the scale of general undergraduate education and vocational education, strive to expand the scale of social oriented training, and continuously improve the social contribution through scale upgrading; We should introduce a series of policies to promote the introduction, cultivation and promotion of high-level teaching and scientific research teams, encourage teachers to invest in scientific research, adjust personnel system, and take various measures to promote teaching and scientific research work to a new level; Through in-depth cooperation with foreign high-level universities, we will further enhance the school running level and influence, make breakthroughs in personnel training, talent introduction projects and major scientific research cooperation, and promote the school running level and strength to a higher level; Continuously improve the construction of campus and facilities, build a smart campus, so that the management of the school to a new level.

Li Kangju stressed that this year is the first year of the fourteenth five year plan. In order to realize the rapid development of the school, we should do eight key tasks well: comprehensively strengthen the party's construction and promote the healthy development of the school; Cultivating characteristic advantages and improving the level of discipline construction; Continuously strengthen the teaching construction and improve the quality of personnel training; Strengthen the scientific research work and enhance the ability to serve the local government; Deepen international exchanges and cooperation, improve the level of school running; To meet the requirements of "three up" and strengthen the construction of teaching staff; Improve the infrastructure construction, create a modern campus environment; Improve the school governance system and strengthen the construction of governance capacity.

On how to do the key work well and realize the "Three Up" development task, Li Kangju put forward three requirements for the leading cadres of the whole school: first, they should be good at learning, diligent in thinking, make good friends, grasp the main contradictions and develop the overall situation view; Second, we should have a vision, go out, actively promote the coordinated development of schools and enterprises, and take the initiative to achieve self-improvement and school development with the help of external resources. Third, we should have a good work style, be able to work, be capable, take the lead in hard work, know people well, be good at appointing people on the basis of merit, be fair, just and make contribution first. Finally, Li Kangju hopes that all of you will strengthen your confidence and work hard to actively participate in the development and construction of the school during the 14th Five Year Plan period. In accordance with the development plan of the school, we will concentrate our efforts and forge ahead with determination, so as to contribute our strength to the realization of the development task of "three up".

In his concluding speech, Gong piguo asked all units to seriously study the contents of President Kang Ju's speech, deeply understand and grasp the spirit of the training meeting, and integrate their work into the overall planning of the school, so as to fully achieve the same goal and step-by-step. At the same time, he hoped that all units would combine their own work, internalize the requirements, externalize the requirements, solidify the requirements in the system, and integrate the requirements into the practice Solid implementation, the whole school up and down to take positive action, for the school's "Fourteenth Five Year" period of development and construction to continue solid work, hard work.

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President Li Kangju made a report entitled "Decisive battle in the fourteenth five year plan, Shen Gong is more brilliant"

Vice President Gong Pi Guo made a summary speech

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