The Successful Holding of the Spring Network Double Election Meeting for 2021 Graduates

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In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on “stabilizing employment” and “ensuring employment”, and further carry out a series of Employment Promotion Week activities of “serving the people, doing practical things, gathering efforts to enhance efficiency and promote employment”. According to the normalization requirements of epidemic prevention and control, from May 21 to 28, our university successfully held the spring online double election meeting for 2021 graduates, helping graduates find their favorite jobs at home.

The double election attracted 375 employers from inside and outside the province, including 27 of the world’s top 500 companies, 16 of China’s top 500 companies, 28 listed companies, 23 of top 500 private enterprises, 30 of industry’s top 500 companies and 23 state-owned enterprises. There were more than 1200 recruitment posts, covering all the graduates’ majors of the university, and more than 12000 people were recruited.

Since its launch on May 21, this double election meeting has attracted wide attention of graduates of our university. Graduates have enthusiastically submitted their resumes and actively communicated with employers online. The number of information views has reached 21956, and 1793 resumes have been submitted. Many graduates have found satisfactory jobs in this double election meeting, and hundreds of them have reached employment intention. After connecting with employers, some graduates will continue to negotiate after the meeting. Wang Jinhui, a graduate of College of Energy and Water Conservancy signed a contract with Beijing Bytecnology Co., Ltd. Wang Jinhui expressed his gratitude to the school for organizing this large-scale recruitment activity during the critical period of our career choice, attracting so many large enterprises to come, building such a good platform for us, and making me find a job I am particularly satisfied with. The wechat service number of the school’s employment guidance center is very convenient. One click delivery of resumes and interactive communication with enterprises are realized on the wechat end.

The university attached great importance to this double election, extensively collected the recruitment information of leading enterprises in the industry, and timely introduced them to all graduates through various new media. In the process of recruitment, counselors and full-time employment personnel conducted online follow-up counseling, real-time answered questions for graduates, helped graduates communicate with employers, and achieved good recruitment results.

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Graduates Participate in Online Double Election Meeting.

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