Wang Qiming, chief technologist of "China Tianyan" came to our school to give a report

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On June 10, Wang Qiming, a researcher and doctoral supervisor of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Qiming, Chief Technology Engineer of China Tianyan 500m spherical radio telescope (fast), and technical director of fast operation and development center, was invited to our university to work on the topic "do not forget to build a great power heavy instrument at the beginning of the day.", Dream by dream innovation and scientific spirit -- the academic report of witnessing the magic and beauty of China's 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope. President Li Kangju and some teachers and students of our school listened to the report.

At the report meeting, Wang Qiming first introduced the development of radio telescope, from Germany Efelsberg 100m telescope to the world's largest single caliber radio telescope, "China sky eye". Speaking of the scientific goal of "China Tianeye" (500 meter Aperture Spherical Telescope), he pointed out that "China Tianeye" plays a crucial role in the inspection of neutral hydrogen in the universe, detection of interstellar molecules, exploration of interstellar communication signals, observation of pulsars, and leading the international VLBI network. Then, Wang Qiming introduced three independent innovations of "China Tianyan". First, the giant karst depression in Guizhou Province was used as the telescope site; The second is to create an active deformation reflector, which realizes wide band and full polarization through the tension flexible cable network structure; Third, the high precision pointing tracking of telescope receiver is realized by the optical electromechanical integration technology, and the accurate observation is carried out with the combination of precision measurement and control system. He said fast's design reflects China's independent innovation capability, and its construction has promoted technological progress in many related fields. Wang also introduced the scientific findings and achievements of "China Tianyan" to teachers and students, as well as the spirit of the scientist of Nan Rendong, chief engineer of "China Tianyan". Wang hopes that students in our school can learn more scientific knowledge, cultivate scientific spirit and make their own contribution to the development of the country.

After the report, researcher Wang Qiming gave detailed answers to the questions raised by students about the construction and maintenance of Chinese Tianyan, how to visit Tianyan and the significance of Tianyan to China's aerospace engineering.

Wang Qiming obtained a doctorate degree in Northeast University in 2000, and his main research direction is robotics, structural design of large radio telescope, etc. Since 2000, he has joined the "China Tianyan" fast research team, and has won the first ten "famous craftsman" Awards of CAS, Beijing first prize of science and technology, Guangxi first prize of science and technology, outstanding scientific and technological achievement award of Chinese Academy of Sciences and special award of science and technology of China Steel Structure Association.

Through the report of researcher Wang Qiming, our school teachers and students have a new understanding of "China Tianyan", which is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of Chinese science and technology workers, fully demonstrates the ability of scientific and technological innovation in China and reflects the strong comprehensive national strength of the motherland. At the same time, teachers and students have a deeper understanding of the spirit of indifferent fame and benefit and selfless dedication of numerous scientific workers in China.

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Wang Qiming introduces the construction of "China Tianyan".

Students at the scene raised questions about "Chinese heavenly eye".


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