The Higher Vocational and Technical School won the Second Prize in the 9th National Numerical Control Skills Contest

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From May 20 to 23, the 9th National Numerical Control Skills Contest Final was held in Wuxi Institute of Technician. The contest was co-sponsored by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, ACFTU, and CMIF. Gao Yushan and Zhan Kunliang, who are from Class NC Elite of The Higher Vocational and Technical School, won the second prize of digital design and manufacturing.

Our institute attached great importance to participation in the contest, and actively built the student team. During the training period, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation provided the technical supports and training. Finally, due to the accumulated experience in Intelligent High-speed Multi-axis CNC Center and the excellent design scheme, Gao Yushan and Zhan Kunliang won the second prize.

This award shows the latest achievements of the relevant professional talent training and education teaching reform, highlights the students’ enthusiasm to enhance professional practice skills and confidence, and raises a new upsurge among the students to participate in the competitions.

The National Nc Skills Contest is held at the earliest with the most profound impact in advanced manufacturing field. Since founded in 2004, it is held every two years, has become an important platform to spread the domestic advanced numerical control technology, and plays an important role in the training and selection of CNC high-skilled talents. The contest consists of four disciplines-- five-axis linkage machining technology, nc machine intelligence & industrial upgrade, nc system & software application technology, digital design and manufacturing. Compared with the past, the new nc system & software application technology discipline expands the urgent need of talented person competition in the field of advanced manufacturing industry, and presents the trend of transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. This discipline is more difficult and more comprehensive. The design of the games sets the simulation scenario structures, installation & debugging, production application, comprehensive application, functional verification as a whole, reflecting industrial elements, as well as ornamental and popularity.

(Written & Photos taken by The Higher Vocational and Technical School/Reviewed by Wang Yan)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

The team was training in the holiday

The participant is manipulating CNC

Pose for a Group Photo

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