Two Projects of New Liberal Arts Research and Reform in Liaoning Province Got Approved

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Recently, the Education Department of Liaoning Province issued the Notice of Recommending Projects of Liberal Arts Research and Reform, our institute’s two projects of new liberal arts research and reform in Liaoning Province got approved. The list as follows:

The award is our institute’s great achievement in the construction of the liberal arts education, as well as the symbol of improved quality of talent training. Based on the new arts education reform of the new idea, the new structure, new mode and new system, we will take this opportunity to facilitate the ideas and methods of new arts education reform, perfect the theory system and practice path for the construction of new arts, strengthen project audit and process management, make efforts to implement the projects, and ensure actual effects of the projects.


(Written & Photo taken by Teaching Management Department Reviewed by Liang Shuang)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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