Our University has been approved Two Liaoning Province General Higher Education Institutes of Modern Industry

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Recently, the office of the Liaoning Provincial Education Department published the list of Modern Industrial Colleges of provincial general colleges and universities. Huawei Artificial Intelligence Industry College, which is led by the Institute of Information and Control, and the Institute of Environment and Health Industry, which is led by the Institute of Life Engineering, are identified as the Institute of Modern Industry of Liaoning Province.

This recognition of the provincial modern industrial college is the important measure done by Provincial Education Department, in order to  accelerate (1) a applied transformation of undergraduate colleges and universities; (2) a deeper comprehensive cooperation between schools and enterprises, and then promote  (3) the deep integration of production and education, (4)the close connect between talent training and industrial needs. In recent years, our university (1) adheres to deepening the reform of the applied talent training model, (2) deeply implements the policy of co-educational teaching between schools and enterprises, (3) vigorously implements the education mode of "collaborative education, engineering-studying alternate, theory- practice integration, learning- use combination", and (4) earnestly practices the new mechanism of co-system, co-management, co-education, co-construction, co-research and shared, (5) cooperate in depth with enterprises to train high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit. Our university has made a series of fruitful achievements in personnel training, professional construction, construction of teachers, scientific research and the economic and social development of the region.

The University will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen the construction of modern industrial colleges, improve the management system of modern industrial colleges, build a service platform for production, education, research and practice, deepen the reform of personnel training model, improve the quality of professional construction, and strive to build a high-level teaching staff, produce a number of high-level cooperation results in production, education, research and practice, to make a new and greater contribution for Liaoning's all-round revitalization.

(Text / Department of Teaching Management;

Review / Liang Shuang,)

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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